ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

Welcome in man! We need fresh blood to keep the steam, so we oldies dont get stiff and used up :smile:


Trust must be built, and relation, and good projects, of course. We have done donations, but its not strangers. Alot of us veterans here actually know eachother by full names. :blush:


Cheers mate ! Looking forward to fhe good times that are certainly on our way . Where’s everyome from ?

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Bournemouth, England.

Welcome mate.

Love it ! I’m a kiwi but spent the last 18 months in Manchester :ok_hand:t4: Now living in Australia . Not missing the constant English rain … :joy::umbrella:


Southwest of Trondheim, norway.
Are you Justin or dave in telegram?
Plan to move from the constant rain, snow, cold here sometime. Trondheim is like a wet UK city, only alot colder in each season.
Its from pissrain to ÷35 in winter. And pissrain 12C to 30+ if lucky in summer.

Yeah. Like I know you name is Viking King. :joy:

I would love you visit Norway one day ! I’m Justin on telegram . Will change my name to JKL now . Awesome to meet you :call_me_hand:t4:


It’s spelt with a W…

We got amazing nature. Only not amazing weather :smile::smile:
Tough, we are experts in doing it all when its good summerdays. It normal to skip work when its nice here. “Oh, im sick this friday”
Its holiday trafficjam on fridays before lunch if its hot :joy:

The closest I’ve been is to Iceland and unfortunately missed the northern lights due to overcast weather ! I’ll get to Norway one day :call_me_hand:t4:

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How come? Apparantly Im not versed. Lol

Yeah, iceland is nice, but abit “desert” its same longitude as Trondheim. For best Aurora, go to Tromso or even longer far north. Its only a 20hour drive from me :joy:.
And im almost in the middle

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Can you please help him to complete KYC, And are you guys also working to make KYC process easy


Yes Germany !! Where in Germany ? Went to Munich , Oktoberfest in 2015 :beers: don’t judge me haha


cologne … you might know cologne cathedral :wink:

Are we missing something. Till date we should be above 1500sats. What is lagging it down.

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Crypto general is lumping at bottom. Volume and interest will rise with results, but also heavy if Btc starts growing. Money is on hold