ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

As of yesterday, it’s all about Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice. It’s amazing already.


I do like a bit of back flag. :slight_smile:

See I knew it was you all along… :slight_smile:

What is wasp like this?


No it’s starts with :blush::+1:

I’m a few days early but here is the sequel to FOMO Moonwalk. I thought we could do with a name change :nerd_face::popcorn:


MARS!!! I hate that place - entire planet is a dive, spent a couple of weeks there once back in 96 - nothing to do, dust gets in yer sandwiches - give me the lake districts any day! :wink:


Haha :joy: don’t spoil it for the rest of us! I want to try the dusty sandwiches myself :nerd_face:


Just kidding… Buy ETN… “Get your *ss to Mars” :+1:


So you are the middle of the A hole!?

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Are you guys seeing this ? I wanted to see if we were at 3000000 but it’s blanked :neutral_face:


Hi Chuck,
Long time no see. :slight_smile:
Try clearing your cache. If same.
you can use this link until its fixed.


Thanks for the link! Clearing cache didn’t change in my case … I’ll try again later.


@ChuckNourris You’re right, it’s the same with me. Maybe suddenly too many registered users and it overheated and broke? Hmm :thinking:

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Yeh, no cache. Been away to me2. Maybe updating it, because there comes a easier register process due to planned ground work in SA. The algo count needs update to how it counts.

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It’s just lazy coding with new standards. and has not been fully tested across devices and browsers that’s all.

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Revisiting some old FOMO, courtesy of @J5Alive (Nice one :sunglasses::+1:)
I think we can add a few more to the list now and correct me if I’m wrong but it’s been less than a couple of months? This team has delivered so much that it’s easy to forget just how much has been achieved!


Awesome just let it roll!!

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This is like living within the best suspense series ever created.
Watching and reading into all the little clues to guess what’s coming next :face_with_monocle:

Storyline 1 month recap:
What? You can now buy data and air time in South Africa via ETN app? :dizzy_face:
Plot twist, they’ve launched a mobile phone :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: did not see that coming.
Oh yeah and the plot thickens, “we just thought we’d show you we also have the tech to enable the purchase of products from a vending machine with ETN. And you can purchase from anywhere in the world and it is released instantly”.
And the storyline just keeps getting better and better :grin::popcorn: