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Seems to be the going thing selling a kidney for more crypto !!




I’ve seen people sell their land,houses for crypto and live in a tent and other crazy stuff.
Hope nobody goes too nuts over crypto to the extent of selling their kidney.@Pahini




Tomorrow is another day…

Goodnight one and all.


Good night pahini…

Don’t forget people if you have an on line shop that you use regularly, send them an email asking if you can pay with etn, and remind them that it’s easy to integrate. Vendor directory needs work. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna do it,and do it ,and do it , and do it ,in the cryptospace.


It amazes me someone actually still watches Nagga Booboo Mathematician extraordinaire


International buy ETN day coming soon. :slight_smile:


A False Prophet makes false predictions for their own personal gain, to the detriment of all others.


Has anyone heard how many M1’s are on the ground? How many have been manufactured and ordered?

Yeah, it’s a different sort of thing and good luck to them, and they need something big like Samsung to get the exposure to people in the west. But will unbanked South Africans be using Enjin coin to buy sell and barter, most likely not as it’s not aimed at them. Different thing.

ETN have their own phone, they will put what they want on it… maybe don’t even need to talk to mobile hardware giants any more!

For those saying The Unlimited is small fry, yes it is in some sense, but it’s very targeted, niche market exactly what they said they were aiming at, so hopefully the percentage take up among Unlimited’s customers will be high, then there are those in SA who will switch to the Unlimited because of it.

Remember that Unlimited is not the only deal, we have heard of many others, though perhaps they might not all happen for whatever reason, hopefully just delayed rather than cancelled. But well done to the Unlimited for being the guinea pig and the first to go live, I hope they are rewarded for it.


Crazy what Enji is doing on the market :smiley: now this coin got the exposure it needed :smiley:

I expect such run for ETN this year :slight_smile:


So Enjin got a price pump that’s great for them and their hodlers, but let’s put it in perspective, their market cap is less than 4 x ETN’s it’s not like they are massive compared to us even after pump. I’m not knocking them either, don’t know much about them apart from what I’ve read in the last 10 minutes. A Samsung deal is probably worth a good price pump, an Unlimited deal alone perhaps less as it’s not a well known name in the west. But we are really comparing apples with oranges.


The value that The Unlimited has is yet to be seen, if it will affect our price then it will be because of actual user numbers rather than just news of a deal, as it’s already live.
Can’t wait til we get some data coming out.


remember this is the bull market

let richard and team develop the product and test when everything is ready, we might be able to explode at the next bull market with the announcement of live partnerships and lists in many big exchanges.

Let’s hope Richard and the team succeed with this small-scale trial with the unlimited
#strong electroneum community


Recently I’m reminded of the board game risk. This is a strategic game of moves, not based on how spread out you can be with 1 person on this country and 1 in this country. But by how you build growth county by county, adoption continent by continent. Being used in real life by the masses by many means to gain adoption and be used by the world.

Most crypto’s don’t even have a use case that will ever be used by the masses or even a thought of how to accomplish such a thing. Instead of Electroneum being a crypto in a niche market announcing a deal such as other cryptos they are gaining adoption in the real world(not just Crypto sphere) by partners with niche markets. Everyone else is trying to get pieces on the board and Electroneum is on the grounds on a continent with a real use case catching viral growth. Everyone else is still playing these crypto pump games and they’re missing the strategy to mass adoption. Electroneum has that strategy and time will prove it to these nay sayers. Adoption is so much more than 1 deal. My condolences to those stuck in the mindset of the speculative pump cryptospehere.

To those comparing two projects because they started at the same and one got a pump and one didn’t I call that irrational, illogical, an emotionally based. There is nothing to compare and if someone would like to… @Adamson791 let’s start comparing these projects there seems to be some misconceptions. There is so much more going on than what you seem to understand. The other day @Adamson791 you said you were going to give it 3 to 6 months and today you’re upset because another coin is pumping so you’re upset with Electroneum and what they are achieving? Please hold yourself to some accountability and not bring your emotions on a business forum. Just because you feel some sort of way personally does not mean your thoughts are valid or justified. Understand the project you’re standing behind before talking it down @Adamson791 .


It’s not like we haven’t had pumps ourselves before, if that’s what people want. We probably will have again. Ah, but “when? when?”

Yes I agree if people are saying they will give it 3 months or whatever then that is their personal timetable, not ETN’s timetable or anyone else’s. So why should we we expect it to do just what we want when we want? And after 3 months, what then, switch to another coin that you impose your own timetable on…


I know it’s going to be an interesting month or months to come!

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