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@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 You could do the lot but could you upload it? It depends on the project I believe…


They also offer insurance like services. Maybe you pay ETN, get double rand in your account, and can use it for the unlimited services?


Well thanks, @PrestoCrypto, there goes my night! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually haven’t watched all of these yet.


This is very good to hear that mobile miner gives more to South Africans (close to 3$). Adoption in SA is interesting to see. I have a good faith in electroneum team that they know what they are doing!

Sometimes I get the feeling that I want to be a part of the team that is working for electroneum in SA! :joy:


The real question is how many MB of data does it take to load that user name every time? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry I had to, just for fun. :crazy_face:


Well I’ve settled it!!


That is a good point though, something I didn’t think about, but I’d imagine someone has.

Would a person be able to earn enough on the gig site to do more than just pay for the data they use on the gig site? For each individual gig?

You wouldn’t want the work to just cancel out… guess it depends on the individual gig pricing and what the market can sustain.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking it. As a thought exercise.


But if they get the job from their first etn mined from cloud, then when they get paid for the job they could upload the work. Like pay first buy more data then upload the finished work. the gig guru website will maybe offer a loan of mobile data to be repaid with etn as a fee. Hence fee free gig economy :wink: :slight_smile:

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I need to learn more about the gig economy. Can anyone recommend a good site of gig listings? The ones I have found on my own were about hiring someone to put a curse on your enemy and other such silliness, I would like to see the real deal. I did try google first lol so don’t LMGTFY please.


They also said about mini loans also for things like laptops so they could be used for data to finish jobs also.


Good one, you actually made me lol! :smile:

I like it.

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Bingo, magic gets it. :wink:


And now I’m outta :heart: for both of you… Till tomorrow then.

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Ohhhh. R is for aitime and Mb is for data. I see.

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Oh I’m full behind all this project all the way I don’t see a problem at all they have done everything the way they want to and have lead it in a direction that will end up it’s own closed loop without spillage.

Also it will be used in ATMs and vending machines at shops and general use! This is a huge project. The things that have Been done so far I can see are nothing to what we will see in the future.

This project has only just started and yet it it is fully working unlike most if not all other crypto’s I can think of in my opinion!


R = Rand
MB= megabits of data


I believe they measure airtime in money in SA

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@Maritz you need to clarify this for us !


@PrestoCrypto Have you clicked my solution link!?

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Yeah. Magic is saying that that may be the airtime while mb is data.

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