ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Well done thanks for the share ETN is making you famous.


Thank you sir :+1: do you see all the great comments i got on Twitter :joy: i was shocked i got a shout i appreciate it :zap:


I just looked at Telegram.
Thats just a mess.
Its like a slops bucket in a galley.
Thats being generous.
I can see why people lose faith in Crypto or simply have nothing to do with it after seeing that.


I’m so glad we have this forum. To bad those fudders won’t come here and have a intelligent conversation about their misconceptions. The cryptosphere is still full of immaturity and trolls just causing mayhem. It’s unfortunate the trolls bring so much misinformation.


We have moved from FOMO to SLOMO ;)hehe


Inspiring post from M System…


We’re just getting started. The first ever Electroneum Gala starts tomorrow! XD


Yeah, the space gets toxic. I’m hyped about the Gala now. M system already hit us with a speech. Haha. Cant wait to see everyones creativity. Tanwax already chimed in. Haha


Its absolutely fomo post:D


I just got out of the limo.
Im just bribing security now so the Squirrels can come in for a squiz!


Why thankyou , thats very nice to say that …


@Tanwax is the fomo king … im just having a great time with friends …




Great response from Richard as always! ty for sharing @KyleFornia

I’ll add a direct link too so people can go chime in if they wish.


Interesting article on Fidelity doing their final testing phase. I’d still love to see ETN listed with them one day and with the things I’m seeing I think it’s more than possible.


I wouldnt read too much into the “something else that’s very exciting”. Not wanting to spoil it all for you but its probably just a photograph of the dumping of snow we’ve had along southern England over night. I’ve just got back from a bit of sledging with my little man and I found it very exciting :stuck_out_tongue:


My serious speculations are it will be 1 of 2 possibilities:

  • Either it’s an official announcement of the patent being granted. Someone highlighted that the Instant Payment page on the website states it’s patented, not patent pending since the revamp
  • Or it’s an announcement on the date iOS app will go live


@M44FFW Ha ha! Sounds like fun! No snow here in Norfolk, UK. Just waiting eagerly for Richard’s email now :smiley:


I’ll have to switch over to my phone to see it, CD is blocked by my company. (CMC and all the other crypto news sites are fine…)

I am following their progress. Even pitched them to my bank while I was talking to the fraud department. “Look at what fidelity is doing, your competitor’s are moving forward.”


Back working now - got a 2 hour conference call at 2 :frowning: - who books meetings in on Friday afternoons - grrrrrrr