ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Yes, if not this week, I expect we wil get full Roadmap for 2019, this would be also huge…But can they even FIT all in the PLAN?:smiley: I think it might be too big :smiley:


But, shure. The cryptoworld disappoints me. Etn should be at billion mcap. Its no wonder real money really doesnt touch it. Cos its no value. And most 95% is just dead projects only held up by some whales. Also known as schemes.
Alot of people will loose money next 5years.
Thats why i used long time before looking at crypto. As its alot covered schemes


And when you see, ADA is the best you can buy…really? what they have???


Now i am speculating LOUD! Gig economy and digital services, entrepreneurs need…PC/laptop. So wath is next? Programs in the clouds? where does this stop! Are we in tha last trial cycle before it all goes BOOM … I think the possibilities are endless. Employers giving M1 to the employees and they receive the paycheck in ETN :slight_smile:

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The sky is the limit

With etn

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Great things from ETN today!!! And to think, announcing on Day 1 of the MWC will get many visitors and other companies to go out of there way to visit ETN’s booth.

Also, it appears that THE UNLIMITED is active and the cheapest “top up” is available for approximately 89 ETN. That could be why the payout was raised to payout mobile miner at 100 coins.

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You are spot on… and i am still not understanding all that, but you know a lot more then me on that tech


My cat is relaxed because of ETN…


The price may not be reflecting the enormity of this, but it doesn’t change that this is a big deal. Said this on all the other social media platforms and I will say it here. This ETN phone concept combines ease of use, a crucial element to mass adoption, and brand recognition. Brand recognition is day 1 marketing. I use it in my own business. People see something enough times, they develop trust for it. At the 80 dollar price point, and the ease of topping up minutes, there will be multitudes of people walking around with ETN branding everywhere they go. This will start discussions. Those discussions will lead to more phone sales, and more adoption. Very exciting. This like the little snowball at the top of the mountain. It will continue to gain mass and speed all the way down. The snowball effect. Good stuff. Now back to reality, I am going to work, have a great day folks.


Well, Etn needs some fomo general, if the price shall reflect any dollars worth of clouding, right not it looks black pricewhile.


Most of us in her are from the 1% of population that is in crypto. Our price will not moon before the 99% starts outnumber us, and they will do it soon and then we will moon. ETN needs more users and they are coming… Let us talk price on friday and see what is happening this week.


Another tweet from the team.


The price may bum a few of you out but let’s have some perspective, look how far ETN has come since last year when they were in Barca. Amazing :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: We already have a real brand in no time.


Guys, please have a look!! is he describing ETN??? :)))


We already have they have a product (Phone), instant payment, top ups it already is a brand!

And so much more I’ve forgotten!!!




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I wonder if they will make their new wallpapers (bundled with the phone) easily downloadable for us soon.


Morning all,
What a great day to wake up with this delicious news for breakfast. :heart_eyes: