ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


That’s great news.! Hope we hear more Monday.


Exactly this. ETN folk do tend to get a little over excited sometimes, then get really disappointed when things aren’t as expected. Hopefully next week will have some positive announcements, but I would be surprised if they would be earth shattering at this early stage of electroneums life.


I don’t know. I just think wild speculation leads to people with a certain level of intelligence taking it as an indication to buy. Only to dump at a loss when they realise it was all just hearsay and made up speculation, which only damage to ETN and us holders in the short term.

Long term though, provided that electroneum does get the mass adoption and usage that is so critical to its very existence, then I do think the skies the limit and we have every right to FOMO moonwalk. But its a long term play guys.

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By the way sorry if I dampened things here somewhat. Wasn’t my intention… Was trying to inject a dose of realism within the FOMO (call it realistic FOMO or something…)


I think we’ve all been speculating at what could be and have set some expectations way too high.

Richard has done the right thing and told us not to expect a Samsung or Vodafone deal to be announced.

I hope we arent disappointed on Monday and whatever it is, the team have been working hard to secure it, Richard is excited about it and it is a stepping stone in the right direction.

Unlike almost all coins, ETN has an incredibly strong leadership team who know what their goal is and much more so than most, know how to get there


Agreed. Take your speculations elsewhere. Maybe at the thread below… :slight_smile:


for sending etn in kucoin I solved this way: the payment ID was 16 digits so I added after the 16 digits many zeros to get to 64 digits. so I did not go wrong and I received the ETNs in kucoin

Added 48 zeros after the id


So what do we talk about in the fomo moonwalk club

Slippers or what shade of brown is my cardigan…



48zeros 20characters

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can somebody bake me an etn iced doughnut. :wink:


Not 48 zeros and 16 characters? :wink:


I think the biggest thing to remember is that ETN will have a full product at MWC this year to showcase. This ecosystem demo is going to bring in more deals than last year when ETN had nothing but an idea and a blockchain.

Also as pointed out above (from a September interview), top ups will start as well as marketing. That gains people using the blockchain making it valuable.

It’s just a matter of time and this is the very beginning of a long journey. Whatever Monday brings I am sure we will all be very happy :slight_smile:

“We have two network operators that are currently integrating Electroneum Instant Payments into their systems to allow their users to top-up their airtime and data with ETN. Once these are live we’ve got a marketing plan ready to bring on more network operators.”


People can have their opinions and like to like things!

We love to find time for the things we love!

Be kind to people!


Its early …

Days left until mwc


And here it is:

(Came in yesterday, but the weather made me not care to stop at the box. )

I’m actually impressed, it’s got some weight to it. Decent stamping and finish. I was expecting something you’d get out of a cereal box instead.



That looks rather smart…

Thankyou for remembering to show me

I appreciate that



They are all over the net at the moment that says something about ETN!


That pic i liked! Astro Etn😎

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Nice! Whos made it?..
Dont ship to norway. :unamused::tired_face:


No idea what your talking about, but all the best to you pal :+1: