ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


I was in art too! 20 brushes


Just leaving this here if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

Music club.. you know the drill


24 Hrs from starting and I’m at 3.15 ETN earned from the cloud miner.

What are other people averaging?


Same on my side :blush: 20…


Apparently I’m also “crazy in love” now. (While outta :heart: again :rofl:)

Some good company in this group.

A tune to celebrate:


It looks like the the Android cloud miner is in the slow lane.


Rats, relegated to Robin class… lol



Just a quick reminder to nip in over to the first annual electroneum gala. A great fun thread to celebrate all thing Electroneum.
But not long left now for entries in the latest category.



My mistake everyone! I may know how to host a Gala but that doesnt mean I’m good at telling time. :joy: We have 24 hours left in the speech cateegory. Feel free to enter and keep liking your favorites.


Massive achievement. Congratulations. @Dr_Jan_Itor
Massive effort from @Storm
Now an “Admired” Contributor to the forum.
Storm recently acquired this badge for outstanding contribution of content.
Well done!








Ooo, did they update it again? I still like the old 360 layout. Haven’t had time for Xbox in a while. Or am I missing something else?

Congrats on the 90k gamer score though. :+1:


Congrats @Storm, only 2 others with that one including @Pahini. Well done! :+1:

All those user # updates add up.


Thanks :slight_smile: Having fun on the community forum!


Electroneum App looking pretty good on that platform


FOMO incoming…:slight_smile:


Whats this ?? New dash … or you made up…

Id have that dash anyday … love etn app



Anyone notice our twitter followers are going down?