ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


MVNE digital economy :thinking:


Missed this one on twitter


Good stuff my friend. $$


guys, in approximately 2 weeks we will all witness a first for crypto! So excited =D


Im tuning myself down :joy:
Its a start, i believe, on all the things. But expect only news on things that build more to the foundation. Dont think mwc will give solid moonstuff over night. :blush:


@xterest posted this the other day in his thread :+1: I think that one is my personal favorite so far! Great work @xterest :+1: There is
really great stuff in that thread so if anyone hasn’t looked yet :zap: :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Electroneum Reality & Facts Cards


Thats one "Flash"looking slide from @chris.gorman.
A great one to use in our promotional Tweets ETC.
That really emphasizes this projects accomplishments goals and potential.
I like the simplicity and the ver fine tuned graphics.
That represents the ambitions accurately of a potential Billion Dollar Company.
Thats a Billboard… I just Love it.


Yeah i agree The vids the information pictures etc are all looking sleek , posh very up market
Love the website too … much better

It tells us where we are headed they want to stick around and they are working very hard to make it polished and the best out there


I believe credit goes to @xterest for creating this graphic masterpiece. Very professional work, it is very easily understood and eye appealing :+1: great work with these @xterest :zap: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


From Revoluts site. Look at the user amount and $$$ involved.


@Thunder topic please , leave a comment .


When reading this thread i realised the different from this to a any other crypto forum… Here people are talking about real stuff like real deals, ecosystem and a actual working team. There is nothing speculativ ore dodgy about ETN… it is a working product that is launching … yes we are launching, if in doubt read and understand what everyone is talking about… real stuff and not a speculative asset.

So i think it is time to stop, and bread before it is going crazy! For the clock is ticking, the rocket is fueled and the igniter is sending yellow sparkles under the thrusters…So in a few days we will understand that the journey is started and the lift off is real… The first seconds is the slowest one but i will smile and enjoy the ride like … what to say…a picture and 1000 words


Amazing work , @xterest, so professional :+1:


Btc going to test let’s see what happens :eyes: :thinking:


So when do you think they will release the first project before mwc? This week or next? Imo I think they should midweek this week to ensure its ready to go for mwc. I’m still guessing what they have planned :thinking:


And the volume wasnt there. :see_no_evil:


I’m offended by you using the term r_t__d, I think you should question yourself if you are actually the toxic one. This comment comes across as being very aggressive and it’s very contradictory to yourself, I hope new people to electroneum do not see your repulsive comment. Good day to U sir please think twice about what you say next time


give your thoughts and guess presto :smiley:
love to kow ur speculation


I was wondering the same thing… I think it could be towards the end of this week judging by what Richard said about having enough feet on the ground to get it up and running… brace yourself we’re going on a space ship :rocket:


exciting to see some FOMO action again. like 10btc sellwalls eat in a couple of sec.