ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


You offer them hand. They took your arm. I am fine with what i receive when i do :smiley:


Those Etn’s will mean alot more to the unbanked.


Our pennies are their pounds


Have a nice one :smiley:


Just filed some more nuts in my bags. FOMO is real. :chipmunk::chipmunk:


Well this happened. :slight_smile:

The race to 100etn payout


We won! What a Comeback!


ETN is UP TANWAX woke up with massive FOMO if you have coins to sell TANWAX will scoop them up .


Get in !!!

Well done everyone for voting


I wont sell for less than 1000 a coin…


Saying that if i woke up and it was at that i would panic sell .


Yeah, I would go nuts too :smiley:


I thought I was ok but the FOMO is back and I need to go to the mall and buy BTC to buy ETN.
Hmm question is do I go to the casino first or buy BTC first. At casino I may win and be able to buy more ETN. Alternately I could lose my BTC money. I have FOMO so BAD I will got get the BTC First and also after Casino. All this FOMO is going to make me rich when MOON the question is will you be on the rocket ship with me. The only advice I can give to you is catch FOMO or you will not get a ride with TANWAX to the MOON and beyond.


I have FOMO all the time, but lack of fiat is preventing buying more :joy:


Im the same …

My credit card is ok , but i cant take that risk hahaha


@KarEnTam I hear you brother I broke down and went back to work to get more ETN.
The way I look at it I will be able to retire sooner this way.


yeah, I am going with the same tactic…

This is something i made, so i will switch it for ETN :smiley:


I grew up in the Moonwalk era, and could never do it well. Maybe once ETN takes off I can hire a dance instructor and finally get it right, then I can stop doing my stupid Vanilla Ice leg kick routine at dance parties and my wife will look me in the eyes again.


That is really nice. Labour of love right there.


yes, I need some more ETN :smiley:


Beauty! Is it flyable?