ETN Flawed - your thoughts

hello everyone
am a huge fan of ETN and joined the ICO and still holding my coins.
i came across a video on ETN on youtube and i want to share the video here

whats your thought?


I would of watched it all but …

But in the first 20 seconds he mentions that facebank coin.
I managed 6 mins … he needs to research better before publishing bull :poop:

And then he compares the 2.

Etn is NOT libra


I didn’t watch the video… but if it’s about etn vs libra:
etn brings work (gigs) into its ecosystem which gives etn’s value. Libra doesn’t bring value, it’s just a way to send/receive existing value


So I must say I stopped early due to his immediate fud and the fact he lies in under 3 minutes saying ETN hasn’t even scratched any of it’s goals since it launched which is 100% nonsense. They’ve accomplished an incredible amount and ticked off many of their goals. Constructive criticism is one thing if it’s fact based, that’s not how he starts this. He kicks it off attempting to plant a negative seed of doubt to spin a narrative.

Libra is already facing record backlash for the most part, not to mention it’ll be a guaranteed data & privacy nightmare out of the gate like everything FB put’s out. Libra isn’t something too many are excited about. The only and I mean only net positive out of Libra is it’ll get a lot more of the population looking into cryptos.

In addition I still feel FB will be gone eventually as large as it is, virtually daily now new cases are cropping up of FB’s gross abuse of user data. The younger generation are already having a mass exodus on FB and then before anyone says well FB has HUGE user numbers well yes they’re quite large but factoring the amount of fake profiles changes that fast. Their last mass deletion I read about was near 1 billion profiles yes billion.

Ask anyone if they’d trust Libra I bet you’ll get 9 out of 10 saying no way. ETN on the other hand has started with 100% transparency and has much more significant ramifications than Libra ever will. Just because FB is big doesn’t necessarily equate to success.

ETN launched being honest to users and without the horrid stigma FB has attached that alone gives a huge edge to ETN not to mention their patent which isn’t to far off approval I’d venture to say. Honestly I could go on a crazy long rant providing a plethora of other reasons why ETN is superior but anyone who’s done the research on ETN knows why.

I’ll echo about FB literally everyone knows it’s a privacy and data nightmare and isn’t a company you can trust not to mention the mountains of law suits against them & even the U.S. government trying to stop Libra from launched next year. I’ll stop there, anyway if anyone is to compete with ETN it sure won’t be Libra the data mining coin.


@user294 - what is your thoughts on the video you posted?

In my own personal opinion - it would be really engaging to the community if people included why it what they thought - when posting links to videos or articles.

You likely have an opinion as you took the time to post it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Professor
Thanks for your messages.
well i have to research what he mentioned in the video.

i do believe in ETN and wish it to be successful but he made certain points which i hope some one from the electroneum community can help to answer.

Points such as? Perhaps you would like to expand on which points you are referring to?

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Very Well said…:+1::sunglasses:


As there doesn’t actually seem to be a conversation or any questions, moving on.

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