ETN FEE using Electroneum Instant Payment



i managed to test my website and install electroneum101 Instant payment.

but how come the fee is quite to high i test 1 ETN no shipping when i process payment checkout

the total ETN cost me around 1.48 ETN then i add more quantity it grows to 2.98 ETN

the total item price i set it 1ETN as test.

Please help me how to reduce the fee or make it static


The transaction fee, if this is what you are referring to, is based upon the transaction size; 0.1ETN per kB. You can see this via our blockchain explorer.

It is possible for a transaction to be split into more than one transaction called splits, each with its own fee. If you check your wallet transactions (on our site or via the block explorer) you can see how your transaction fee is calculated.

Hope this helps.