ETN (electroneum pc)

Many of us have computers and it would be somewhat comfortable to have an “Electroneum” program that is the wallet for receiving notifications, sending and receiving ETNs, among other things.

In my case, the problem I have is that 2-3 months ago my phone broke and I don’t have enough money to buy one, I hardly earn anything with Adsense and AdMOB hahaha.

the case is that it would be good / comfortable to also have a desktop version not only mobile, but also a desktop where we have the same characteristics of the mobile version and also the web version …
(I want to clarify that I already know that the page exists but an app with real-time notifications would be good)


Perhaps i’m misunderstanding what you are asking Faku, but you seem to be describing

That is a web version of your mobile app. Its the same thing…and looks quite a lot like your image.


What I am saying is almost the web version, but that it has notifications in real time (shipping and receipt of etn, also how long it takes to reach 100ETN) or that we can also recharge cell numbers from

Ahh ok I see what you mean.

As its a Mobile based crypto- currency, only part of the functionality is available on the web. Rewards are gone now so that element is gone. The transaction info updates at the same speed as the Mobile App.

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