ETN Donatation Page


I think it’d be a pretty cool idea once ETN gets up and going to implement an ETN Initatives page. Community members could donate their monthly ETN ($3 or more) to a central fund, and projects in third world countries could create a “Go Fund Me” type campaign for a business venture or project they’d like help with investment in.

I think it’d be a good way for Electroneum to market themselves to these countries, and also a way for those in developed countries to pay their way towards making the world a better place.


I’ve been thinking about this. If I had startup money and coding skills I wouldv been all over it. Lol


I’ve designed a similar idea recently:


Well, I have experience with the API, so if this project comes to life I’m in for backend development :slightly_smiling_face: Perhaps you or @BigBrother305 should make a post calling for devs and web designers then, see what comes of it :wink:


I had an idea that involved people on the ground and everything but I have no capital for it. Lol


Like the design, do you have any html/css skills?


Not necessary to go huge all in one go… Web would enough at this scale. Not much money needed if devs/web designers are willing to work for free since it’s charity (although it may take some time since they would be working in this free time). Web hosting and that’s about it. I’d make a call myself but I honestly don’t have the time or energy to manage something like that at the moment. I’d be happy to contribute with some of my Rails or Node.js skills


No Front-end skills from my side. I’m on the interaction and UI design part. I’m happy to work together with devs and front-end people.


Do we have the possibility to make an API call to Electroneum to get the ETN user profile? So that we can identify someones account name and public address without the need to store this data on other servers?


Ok I see, would you be willing to manage a project like this if we find frontend people? I personally can’t…


It would require some work with ETN (to make a “donation profile”) or for the user to set up a merchant account. Or for the time being we can store ETN ourselves (or ask ETN team to do so), and maybe convert to fiat and then send fiat to them. At this point in time I think ETN may be a bit of a nuisance to NGOs compared to fiat. TBD after more people start using it.


I’d love to help get involved with marketing if needed… I can design promo and think up a campaign mayb


I think an API that is leveraging data from the official KYC verified user account is exactly what we need. It’s comparable to a facebook login on a different service. We don’t want to store ANY data on our server for the sake of security. I will come back later to this. I’m at work right now. Really cool idea all in all.


I have no actual technical skills, programming and whatnot. But my history is mostly marketing and project management… If we found enough people to work the project i think we could be on to something.


I can help out with the coding if required, I’m pretty comfortable with frontend. I am starting uni this year though so I won’t have all the time in the world :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, unicycling takes a lot of effort and focus. Lol. Jk.


Okay great, I won’t have an awful lot of time either, so that’s good, pressure on neither of us :wink: Maybe we can find one or two more people and create a chat group on the forum?