ETN doing a lot of things and is fast!




Wouldn’t that be great :yum:




Just bought some stuff on but LET THEM KNOW. Tell them yea you guys will be accepting ETN soon enough! Hmm whats etn, then they look it up, then they tell management, then management tells upper management. Dont ask , tell them they will be accepting ETN soon, tell EVERYONE. So i want to see people on here post a pic of telling a online store that they will be accepting ETN soon!


That would be great. In the past there have been rumours and discussions about Amazon taking BTC. And they’ve always decided “no” in the end. Maybe because of KYC/AML issues? Soooooo… if we’ve got past that hurdle, and also if Amazon really wants to take over the world that means selling their stuff to the unbanked too… ETN should at least be asking the question even if they get knocked back a few times.


If Amazon… well, hello numero uno Coin, or at least Silver…


Ha. Sears will be bankrupt by then, better let some other retailers know . . .