Etn detailed technical analysis , in french!

This ones for those who understand French

I took French in high school…but that doesn’t mean anything;p At least I can follow along with the lines. TA charts are language agnostic :slight_smile:



yeah i just follow the chart you can gage what hes trying to show

From what I see, he’s doing TA based on Elliot wave theory, which I am not fluent in. I stopped watching a few minutes in because that is something I would need to follow along with in order to understand. I understand the general idea behind elliot, but I’ve never been able to apply it myself to where it has had any reliability for coming up with a realistic forecast.

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always something new to learn , its all good knowledge economy !


So basically he was giving 2 possibilities for my understanding at the end, correct me if I’m wrong please;

  1. $0.35 high and a retracement to $0.20 approx and then a bullrun to $0.70
  2. $0.09 high and a retracement back to the lower lows of $0.005.

That’s what I understood by following his TA, not his french lol.

That is an aweful big window. But that doesn’t surprise me as Elliot wave theory is in no way a price predictor. It is a movement pattern. Up is up, down is down…but the angle at which each one of those goes varies greatly.

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