ETN Debit/Card & GOV


What do you think about having a credit/debit card for etn? I think for older people would be easier to use and in the near future why not, receiving your salary on it?
In my country some companies can pay you in btc. Would be a step forward definitely.
And also, since it’s the 1st british crypto, i’d try to get the attention of the gouvernment just like China did with NEO. The chinesee gouvernment has a lot of project developed on neos blockchain.
Since we have a healthy blockchain i think british gov would make a great use of it and it benefits everyone involved.


I have mentioned this a few times but no official word from ETN as far as Im aware. My point before was as ETN is going down the route of regulation it should be pretty simple for them to get a card as many small coins have already been able to do this as they are more compliant with KYC. Much bigger coins have tryed and failed as they have virtually no KYC.

I too think this would bring in alot of people just from hype but also being able to change it into fiat at anytime would be really cool. Most of the ones I have seen are just prepaid cards and you top them up with your crypto and spend like any other debit card. There are already some big players in this space already that accept a variety of crypto currencies one is revolt I actually have one of there cards. If they accepted ETN for example that would be amazing.


I really like the idea of having an ETN card and i agree it might help out a lot of other people that are new to crypto in general i think the @ETNCEO should most likely take a look at this or maybe he already might have ideas for this in the future it wouldn’t surprise me anyway :thinking:


Agreed, a card would be important. Beyond having an ETN debit of its own, a big partnership with VISA could make it possible to do everything on just one card.
If that happened we’d really have the mainstream involved. I can’t imagine VISA would want to miss their cut on a partnership unless they are going to try to outperform Electroneum somehow.
Seeing as they have no platform to distribute fiat to the unbanked I can’t really see that.


I think a card is a bad idea. Why is it needed?? With Android pay and Apple pay cards are already becoming redundant. Why would ETN cut in visa or MasterCard on their project.
When I see a crypto left mention a card I generally take a bad view of it. Let’s look to the future.


You could be right.
The way I see it, people will continue using Visa debit / credit cards for some time still. Why would Electroneum not capitalize on that market while it exists?


We already have a phone with the app, we don’t really need a card. But I can see maybe having a gift card that you can buy ETN with. Kinda like Apple iTunes gift card, or Visa gift card.


Having a card by itself is very good Kudos, they have already proved very popular In other Crypto projects I think it would be a mistake to overlook them completely however ETN may come up with another way of getting ETN into fiat. This probably isn’t ETN’s focus right now but think its something worth considering and looking at the numbers.

For me the popularity of these cards speaks for itself regardless if we think there a good idea or not I think people do seem to want and like them in general. I could mention lots of names of other coins and even companies going into this area and its already seems to be taking off pretty well.


i think phones and wearables are the future!