ETN cracks the top 20 - place your bets and to when!


This is just for fun - when do you think ETN will be listed in the top 20 on coinmarket cap?


October 10, 2017 at 6:12 AM EST.


oooh that’s super bullish, would be cool for sure :slight_smile:


Counting on FOMO once the marketing ramps up soon.


December 25th :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::sunglasses:


I’ll be a long slog up to top 20 but I reckon
3rd November 2018 3.28pm

Currently is Dogecoin with MC of ‘about’ $665mil is at position 20
If ETN has ‘about’ 8 Bill coins
that would make ETN worth ‘about’ $0.083 by then
(correct me if my maths are wrong)


End of October (October 31st)


2019 baby…


oooh that’s a bit vague :smiley:


A conservative guess would be November 23rd but with how things have been progressing this week it could be a hell of a lot sooner!


18th of november :thinking: the world was never the same when a coin called ETN got in the top 20 :thinking:


When ETN finally surpassed Tether!!


24th of december :christmas_tree:


ok i’m gonna say Dec 11th


the 1st of January 2019


Oct 23… We will wake up to it in pacific north america


20 november 2018 place 20
20 december 2018 place 11


See what the value of ETN would be at postion 20 using live data from cmc



I believe this will happen in the 21st century. $14 suits me very well.


You can visit me on my boat if it does …