ETN community chat

I think we need an option in the forum to allow chats between members. This would be awesome and speed up a lot of support type posts. If there is an admin or another community member available someone can jump into a quick chat to help, or users can just talk among themselves when certain conversations get deeper or more personal etc. There could be group discussions or individual and of course options to block or decline these kinds of requests.


Sounds like you are requesting a direct message function? There is one.

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I don’t see it - does it open up a chat window?

Ah, you are meaning an actual chat window. No. There is direct messaging though. Click on anyone’s handle ans you will see the option to message them directly. It is a private chat, just not in the form of a chat window, per se.

so that generates email traffic right? rather than an open window conversation which I think would be way faster and more convenient

I have not recieved emails from the DMs I have been in. But I understand what you are saying now. This is a message board, not a chat room (like discord or telegram), so I don’t know how easy it would be to get a chat window function on the site. Maybe an admin can chime in and give some feedback.


The DM function is pretty similar, looks the same as forums posts, with messages appearing by time. Used one with a group of 5 during holiday challenges that went to more than 60 posts within it.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

You have to enable email notifications in you settings it’s under the email tab .

Second box down


cool thanks for that. I like the idea of being able to have chat windows with people on the forum. sometimes the responses can be slow and conversations are long with the way its setup now. It would be cool to integrate a new feature of instant messages.


I really like your idea.

Been there, done that. Didn’t end well. :unamused: