ETN comercial mobil app


I have created to mobile apps my self and they sucks, but i got a lot of ideas. One of my average perfect ideas was an mobile app for smael restaurants or shops. And now comes the amazing explanation…

If we created an app that works like a cash register that takes the order- send it to the kitchen while the waiter is at the table. Food is finis from the kitchen, and a message occur on the phone about witch table and so on. And after eating the customer pay. All of that is one customer in one catalog, stored digital. The restaurant have documented that sale and instantly transferred all in to a accounting program so the manager can watch the money flow online and in real time. If ETN was integrated in all this from the buy of groceries to the customer pay, the manager can have a online managing of hole of the supply chain and will need a smaller storage, finance is always up to date and a more LEAN business. Happy Days


This will be doable in at least 10 years or so.
Too cutting edge for current tech and most importantly too big of a change as compared to current way.
The most similar thing I can think of is the Amazon physical shop, where there is no staff.
You can scan each item you purchased and then you pay with an Amazon card or something like that. Afterwards, you simply leave the store. When people were asked what do they think about this new way of buying things, they all felt a bit overwhelmed, as the general feeling was that they were stealing goods. :slight_smile:


In my town many grocery stores have like a scanner you take with you while shopping and when you are finnish you go to a reader and pay, no humans involved. I do think 10 years is a bit far out, give it 2-3 years and it will start to be more and more


Because the northern countries, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are in a league of their own.
But we talk about mass adoption here, and not even countries like Great Britain or Germany can think of this, let alone countries like Greece, Serbia or Bulgaria.


I do think Its a Nice idea @B.F.A but Its most definitely something for in the future or for someone to slowly start developing currently for future use of ETN on there :thinking:


I know, we are heading in that direction, and i would like to do that myself, but it is out of reach because i lack the knowledge for such a big job


Nothing is inpossible @B.F.A :wink: Maybe you can work it out and talk with people who can make it and who knows it Will become a great suc6 :wink:


Using a plugin called Stripe, any phone becomes a scanner capable or reading barcodes


I understand, but we are not ready for this huge change yet.


It’s 100% completely possible right now, given current etn tech and smart phones.
Just requires the raw foods suppliers to accept etn


When I say we, I don’t mean ETN, but we, as people. The change has to be made gradually.


we still need people to do some of the trading, but there is limits for a human when it comes to task in a production. Back office work is draining resources out of a business special when they compete with online stores. So by building a infrastructure with LEAN thinking al aspect must be taken care of. So if we us the waitress as an example we can reduce walking distance and increase the production for every waitress without increasing workload. Also the logistic can be more streamlined inside the company and less raw materials need to be in stock that also will decrease the need for credits. There is huge potentials in modernise the way we work and it is a necessary if we want to keep people having jobs. The customer will not see any different than more human service and less waiting time. with a fully digital supply chain there is easier to work with financiele regulation.