ETN cloud mining contracts

Please add the ability to order contracts for cloud mining through the mobile app. This option will be very popular. One mobile mining is not enough, I want to reinvest the money earned. Thanks.

Can you elaborate on what it is exactly that you want? Do you mean contracts as in sim cards for the mobile operators? Or some kind of a hashrate contract or something else?

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Yes, is it possible to have a hashrate contract? Simply, this feature would really be a good option as an alternative to mining. This would make the coin more stable among other cryptocurrencies and increase its capitalization. Make some conditions for the withdrawal of the coin to keep constantly its market value.

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I recommed you check out this thread Proof of Responsibility . It will give you a perspective how ETN is managing their blockchain. And if you want even more detail about it check out their Frequently asked questions (about PoR) -thread. But if you are not interested at all, I’ll give you the fast answer too. Only non governmental organisations and charities can get any kind of an direct relation with the blockchain when it comes to mining. The app rewards are just a bonus that real users get for being a ETN user. But if you want to boost your rewards you can do so by having people use your referral code :v:


I blocking :smiley: any crypto can progress. When the real currency be 1:1 this can change.

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