ETN Christmas Gift Packs


We were discussing this in another thread and I thought I would put it out there:

Would any of you really digitally talented people on this forum be interested in making an ETN Christmas info pack? Something festive with a little info about ETN. We could print it out, add a paper wallet (if we choose) and hand out as gifts.

Us ETN lovers would be forever grateful! :zap::christmas_tree::zap:

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Great idea !! :evergreen_tree:


That would be great, hopefully we will find someone! :blush:


Maybe @Bitinix can help us? :thinking:


Make an ugly cryptmas sweater with their public QR code on the front and the ETN symbol like this one for litecoin.

Make a hallmark type card with some kind of image on it that says Merry Cryptmas.
Put the paper wallet folded in it, write the deposit amount on the back and the date. Send that to your family with, “if you have any questions call me.”


I’d have that , the ugliest sweater possible please lol


Merry Cryptmas :joy: that’s really clever!


Ok it’s supposed to be Merry Cryptmas! HODL, HODL, HODL!
Well that’s what I did last year minus the sweater and Hallmark card.


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:that’s even better! My family will be so sick of that by the end of Christmas haha


Another option since it’s no shave November if you want an Electroneum sweater just let your chest hair grow out and go to a laser hair removal place and have them burn out an ETN symbol and QR code into your chest.


Not a bad idea for the boys maybe but Cosmicrypto is clearly a girls’ name :wink:


I was thinking A gift voucher style info pack where we could write the gift amount. iOS should be live by then and it could be a perfect way to show our loved ones how easy the transfer is. ie hand them the gift voucher, get them to download the app, then transfer the gift money from our app. Beeeep a second later, it’s theirs!
That’s how I plan to bring in my iOS people :sunglasses: