ETN chart analysis appears to show a powerful bullish signal

From my charting observations it looks as if we have formed a powerful cup and handle bullish pattern.

The cup and handle is a bullish continuation pattern. It is marked by a consolidation , followed by a breakout which is perfectly playing out to the T , i expect the following news regarding the marketing drive iOS app and partnerships and more going forward will trigger the breakout from the consolidatory handle phase that we are in !

Please click on image to see the following 4 chart images that support this chart analysis.


Good effort on the analysis. I like to see more TA. But I disagree. I dont see a cup and handle. Mustn’t the left and right side of the cup be about the level ?
Also the handle looks more like a double top (more clear on kucoin and cryptopia), that broke out.
I also made an analysis for our current state feel free to check it out here :slight_smile: ETN Trade Idea based on Fib Retracement and Elliot waves. (Ignore if you dont like TA)


Thankyou for the comment i appreciate it , Actually the left and right side in a cup and handle formation isnt always equal , being equal is relatively normal but one side can be extended as long as the structure of the pattern is intact it can be at an angle .

heres some examples , as you can see both these examples are cup and handle bullish continuation patterns and both just like ETN are skewed to an angle which makes both sides of the cup non equal !

however lets see how this plays out !

I agree to there being a separate section just for TA , maybe me and you can start one


awesome charts! would also love to see a ta section here for us

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Good point! TA should have its own Category for sure. I’m throwing in a recommendation.

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