ETN Changed Journey..... How Has it Changed You?

Hello everyone! So earlier I was thinking on just how much ETN has become to a degree a way of life for me. I check in on the forum daily (get fomo if I think I have missed any great posts) and go about my day seeing how I can get more people involved without being pushy or overbearing. I get excited when I see ETN posters, or merchandise of any kind, this is apparent by how much of it I already own.

When I started this grand adventure I was really just looking for an investment and wanted to pick a race horse with good odds essentially. I did my due diligence in researching the company, the team I was impressed with, I liked the white paper, and decided that it was a good fit.

I could not be happier with making one of the most brilliant decisions of my life. My satisfaction levels are premium right now and I walk with a bigger smile and a brighter future. The outlook for me and so many that will be positively life changing is overwhelming at times. My question to all of you is based on when you started how have your feelings, emotions, involvement, etc about ETN changed and where do you see yourself five years from now in regards to being involved in what ever capacity you can be within the Electroneum world?

Cheers and much love,


You hit the nail right on the head @Thunder .

Etn was the first crypto i got into , i missed the btc pony , I saw this ico and thought what the hell , why not . At first i was nervous , scared excited but
As time grew on i became to understand what this was all about .
I was overwhelmed by all the things in cryptocurrencies , and etn in general.
The emotions I felt watching prices rise and fall , dam it was exciting and still is.

In some ways its like having Christmas day every day. The little kid inside gets reborn and the passion comes out all for an invisible coin…

Then the community came , I joined in just after leaving facebook it drove me up the wall …Im a quiet person shy if ypu like , so its hard to blend in at the start . now i am more addicted to being here in our community with the people i trust and respect . The funniest thing is i dont even know what 99% of you look like in fact i know what 4 people look like 4 out of nearly 6000 , yet i feel like ive known you all for years.

I get fomo like everyone here but its changed from what will i get to come on etn rise up and beat bitcoin price you can do it. I want the people here to get what they deserve after all the dedication , i want the team to succeed beyond all expectations .
Im not focused all the time on price , its the goals , the future …

whats next after Mwc and beyond . What can i achieve after etn helps my situation , how can i further myself and my goals .

This team and community has shown me so much positivity that even if electroneum was to flounder into the dust i would be gutted but i have learned valuable insite within our community.

The people here are special and i have had blast staying up late getting next to no sleep , getting excited being let down then fomo again .

Its not all about the money its about the journey we all take , together .
Its just a privilege to be here and to have backed the best god dam Thoroughbred in the field …

In 5 years i hope to have made a business of my own , and make it as successful as i possibly can. So i can hand down to my kids

Sorry its a long post but , its so hard to not lecture to not be passionate . Ive never believed in something like this ever before , i truly believe ETN will make HISTORY amd will make all of your dreams come true…


I just want to start by thanking the team for making this forum. I observed from the sidelines watching Reddit, Twitter, Facebook without getting involved for quite some time. This forum has organically now created a place for information, conversation, growth, and a collaboration of ideas and deeper thinking. This now separates from other toxic social media platforms imo where keyboard warriors feel the need to spread false information/confusion. This forum has truly become a great place for information/ideas/community growth. I for one had to get involved.

With that being said I keep my feelings and emotions out of my investment. I know how I personally feel which is why I invest but that’s my own thing. I will stay dedicated to my research and to Electroneum for many years to come. I personally hope that in 5 years that I am working for Electroneum as a ambassador in the United States. I am so passionate about this project and the potential to help the world, I would love to promote Electroneum and help them on their road achieving mass adoption. It would be an honor to take part in such a movement. If not I will continue promoting still in my own way. Continuing on my own personal journey with Electroneum. There is a long road ahead of us to mass adoption and I’m glad I’m taking the journey with Electroneum. I’m behind this project 100% :zap: