ETN Bullion Silver Coins


Good mornin’ team,

I noticed ETN is selling a Silver OZ bullion coin for collectors at a hefty price tag of $300. The thought crossed my mind to make custom ETN coins at an affordable price over spot. I’m just curious of the legality standpoint using ETN’s logo on a coin. Has anybody had any issues while creating T-Shirts/Hoodies/etc?

Would anybody be interested in these? Depending on the cost to have these produced on 1oz/2oz/5oz rounds as well as 10oz bars to invest to sell around $20-30 over spot…


The ETN team do not sell any goods.


Hi @qdubbya I agree The etn coin looks great but at $300 thats well overpriced , I would of had one straight away if it was around the normal selling price.

I get that people have to make money but I could buy a lot more rounds for 300 than just one lol… shame it looks fantastic

As for the logo the team have said use the logo just donate some to charity in previous interviews but that seems to have been lost by some sellers.

If you can make 1oz etn coin , and free or cheap postage ( sorry I sad that nasty word free lol ) I’m in the UK , I’ll have one …

Will have to see what it looks like first but yeah that would be a cool thing to have …



Correction. The Real Coin Company is selling it with Richard’s approval for $300.


Yup, the team have allowed anyone to use branding, especially if they donate to charity like The Real Coin Company are. A great cause.