ETN Booming last 6 days....!

Market Cap Grows 300%…

"In the last six days, it has has gone from a market cap of $53.1 million on the 21st Sept to $180 million today,The volume has increased from $350K to $11.2 million… We Have to wait and see if this continues( i think it absolutely will…:grin::grin:)

The instant notifications system that can drive instant payments is winning over the crowds. Electroneum is turning into a standout performer in a gloomy(ish) crypto market." :high_brightness::high_brightness::high_brightness:

We will get a correction and moon even more!!


all in good time, 90% of mine are locked away for a while!!

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hahaha…As Are ALL mine…:+1:

The wallets are back!

yes they are man…:+1::+1: