ETN blockchain remote node Europe

I have setup a remote node on a server in Frankfurt (Germany) as reaction to the great ETN desktop GUI created by @andrepatta for the public and will remain it running if there is interest in it.
As there is still a lack of “trusted” nodes or as far as I know no way of earning that trusting by any official means, usage of this node is at your own risk, although I am doing everything to keep it safe and secure.
It runs on a vultr VS on a fast NVMe using Linux and runs stable since a week. I will apply any updates to the Electroneum daemons as fast as I can.

Port: 26968

Don´t forget to take a look at @andrepatta ´s great GUI at github


Thanks for helping to support the community :+1:

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Blockchain update 3.2.0 applied, node runs smoothly


Thanks @twd78 for providing a public remote note! I’m adding it to the node list api shortly.

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