ETN Blockchain for NFT


I have been reading a lot about NFT(Non-fungible token) and its potential. I just wanted to know if ETN is going to accept NFT in its blockchain in the near future as at the moment NFT are being stored in ETH. Thanks



ETH is not the only crypto doing NFT. Check WAX and HIVE on CMC. Right now ETN is being used to create NFT’s using


I understand that but WAX and HIVE they are still paying ETH to convert digital arts to NFT. Is this something that can be done in ETN platform that way we pay in ETN instead of ETH.

Wax has its own blockchain but they also have something to offer interoperability between wax and eth so they cover both options.

I do agree though that NFTs on the electroneum blockchain would add more utility to the token but given its recent massive upsurge in interest, we may be too late to the market

I agree with you ummmmm b5 but just FYI you can buy cards on splinterlands with ETN and if you want to buy any of my Street Fighter NFT’s I’ll sell them to you for ETN. I got a lot of <#100 mints at various power levels.

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