ETN better than XRP


Nothing against Crypto NWO but this is a massive call.

Love to hear arguments for and against!


I have more confidence in ETN. Ripple and XRP are two different things and I’m not 100% convinced that banks plan on using XRP.


As far as the actual coins/blockchain/tech…they’re completely different animals, made for completely different purposes, and I find it odd that people like to compare them, aside from the fact that both have massive potential for success. But again…my confidence is in ETN. I hold zero XRP.


ETN is a coin which strives for the only thing that matters - mass adoption. Ripple can have the best technology in the world, but if no one uses it, it missed the point.

I have a lot of confidence in ETN.


I agree but because of the fact that XRP was created specifically for transfers of massive amounts of money, like trillions of dollars, and does the job well…I’m forced to respect the tech.


ETN - micro payments
XRP - mega payments


I think that ETN is a very good project and in a few years it will still be arround. And indeed you can not compare XRP and ETN. But in the future there will be more payment systems and that’s ok. Now we have a bunch of algorithmes and in the future a bunch of payment systems and coins can make there choice. Anyway there will be coins that will choose ETN as payment system and that means ETN has a use case.


You could maybe not compare ETN with XRP but I’m not a fan of XRP and I honestly think that ETN could reach more then XRP in the long run also XRP is more made for big banks :thinking: But my vote definitely goes to ETN all the way :sunglasses:


I think ETN is a better project than XRP.
But, XRP has a big headstart. Will not be easy to catch up.


They are both great projects, except XRP is for the banks, and ETN is for the people. Fundementaly they are geared to two different economies, so I do not believe you can make a fair comparison.


I think what he said was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff thats going around lately, I feel like im the minority in thinking this but I think all these crazy price predictions and all these thread popping up of people shouting its gonna be $5 soon is not doing us any good. I think some people are going to read these crazy predictions watch some of these youtube videos laugh and think ETN is abit of a joke which of course it isn’t.

I just feel like were letting ourselves down by letting people shout these random numbers out and no one challenges anyone on actual facts and data. Im in ETN for the long haul I have no idea were the price is going to be at… lets try and inform people about ETN and facts not make ourselves look silly with outrageous price predictions sorry im going off topic alittle from this thread…


The only reason people care about comparing coins is that they want to know which one will make them rich. You could compare XRP to any other coin but people pick ETN…


I vote for ETN. Bank will never beat power of people. They have money but we have our FREEDOM to choose


I only know one cryptocurrency that’s electroneum


Hard to compare these really. I think there will be several coins that will do very well in the future. Follow your own intuition about this. ETN has been following a very good plan and doing what it says but XRP has way more speculation about it. I also feel there is massive manipulation. ETN should be getting more press but its not and all you see is ripple stellar btc ethereum over and over and over. The game is rigged and ETN is doing well to overcome the bias so far. Soon they will get a lot more attention and it can’t be stopped. In two years you will see a very different crypto landscape for sure.