ETN-Bay auction site


Hi all,

I have been thinking over the past couple of weeks and think it would be really cool if there was an eBay style ETN auction site.

I am looking to develop the idea further. ETN being the forefront i.e. pay in ETN for discount on listing but purchase in any cryptocurrency.

I have a name idea and the skills but need assistance to fund development.

If you have any ideas how to assist, please get in touch with me.

ETN the future.


Crypto NWO (the YouTuber) has created a small market place for community members to sell items for ETN and is developing something I believe, but it is not currently auction style. I think your idea would be a great project. Let us know how it goes.


Great idea Clacky, this would be a really nice addition to go along with the gig economy site. Creating an entire network and eco system for Electroneum to thrive in. I think it has some really good potential. Curious to see what more members of the community say.


Hi there,

Awesome thought…

You might find investors here if you can submit a good project report.


Hello everybody,
I have an auction themed site online now. It’s been sitting there doing nothing for about a year. And Yes, this might be a place for ETN to thrive in. I am willing to take on a partner to develop further a project like this. I don’t think extra funding would be necessary. Just some time and effort to make all the necessary changes. And Clacky_Crypto, you can contact me here for now and we’ll let the whole group throw in their ideas and comments too.


This Is a very interesting idea. As a vendor on Ebay I’d love to move into something like this. Especially if it had an app to run on in addition to a website. That’s my biggest problem with openbizaar


Great Idea on very many levels.


I was just about to create a new post with the same idea, I think this would be awesome, I got a few things lying around which I would love to get some ETN for. So I was thinking about it, and one of the issues with that idea is that you would actually have to rely on the seller to send their sold goods to you once a payment was received, so unless there is a third party handling it, a trust must be maintained in order to make this idea work. So I noticed that Yoti (the same app you HAVE to use as a future ETN trader) has an option to “swap information”, maybe we can somehow use that function to maintain that trust so badly needed (i.e. before a sale is made, the buyer and seller would swap information).

Or perhaps we can use some sort of a smart contract that locks the funds from the buyer and will only release it to the the sellers account once the tracking number shows successful delivery or if the buyer approves it manually.

These are just some early thoughts, which are probably not ideal at the moment, but I encourage you to help me develop these thoughts even further with a healthy, open-minded discussion.

What are your thoughts guys?


It sounds like a plan, I’m would be cooler if we could partner with eBay… :slight_smile:


We have that already havent we ? I think its called ditch it.
Website seems offline though


Ditch it is like a classified ad site like gumtree. Were thinking an auction site for items, that can be bid on with ETN.


Sounds fantastic.
You could do such site right now.

Wordpress already has a working ETN instant payment plugin which you could adapt for your project :slight_smile: