ETN auction site


I am looking for donations for my new venture to assist in the adoption of electroneum.

I am in the process of creating a online auction site much like eBay, where users can sell items for ETN but only by bidding in ETN. The funds would be held in an cold storage wallet until the buyer agrees the item has been received. All items would require shipping via decorated services at first to add a level of trust.

Once the buyer has confirmed receipt of item, the funds are released to the seller from cold storage.

I require additional funding as I am quickly running out of financial resource. I can either look at setting up an STO or accept donations to push this further to hopefully release summer 2019.

Please donate anything you can afford to assist with the project. It will help us all involved with ETN giving a proper use case for ETN in the western world :slight_smile: - Donating ETN will also help the trade volume when I convert to EUR to fund the project further.



And how its going on ?


No one seems interest in speeding up the project at the moment. But I’ll leave it on here maybe thry will want to help when they realise it creates a use case for ETN in the western world.


Ahm yeah i think so…give investors an security for their invest and you will get the money.


Well if you are serious about funding you could create an ICO for that project.
But to be honest I believe you could just get some plugin or finished system like and add the ETN API to it. Shouldnt be too hard nor take too long.