ETN as an Asset on Exodus, Ledger, or Other Offline Storage Pools

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I had commented about this this topic as a reply in a different topic area and it was suggested that it might be better served as under this section. I’m a little late on setting up this as a new topic because of busy week, but I would be eager to hear the communities thoughts on this (If this has already been broached as a topic I apologize). I personally use Exodus as a convenient means of pooling and storing my crypto and was wondering if ETN was planning on trying to get entered as an asset on an application like this or other cold wallet designs. @Doctor in the original posting made the good point that it may not be in ETN’s interest to have multiple wallet platforms with it as an asset (please feel free to expound on this if you would like I would hate to misquote you). I would be very interested to hear everyone’s thoughts!

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Thanks for the quote. I was just speculating of course. I see etn a little bit like Apple and IPhone. What I mean is that they tend to only have proprietary software and never going 3rd party. We will see

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