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Yep, biggest one so far. Level 4 mob.


the difficulty will increase if i join in now right. I maybe dead before I know it. 1 hit attack and i’ll be dead :scream:


Difficulty increase for every monster slain unless a player dies, then the difficulty decrease by 1 for each player that died during the fight.

But if you are uncertain of your survival you can always purchase some gear from the shop, the ETN goes to the ETN payout pool :slight_smile:


Maybe you can combine in the new thread the shop and monster for easy monitoring


We already use the Docs for a lot of things and I find that to be the easiest place to update quickly. That also enables other admins to do changes and not only myself. Read through the docs and you willl probably have a much clearer understanding of the game :slight_smile:


Was it this, the updated one?


I need a broken down rendition in chronological order of what we fought monster#1 #2 etc and how they dies / who killed them then over this week I will fashion the story! I think most of it should be in the document


Ill try to keep the new monster thread more clean. Then we have 3 channels.
Monsters & Progression


Once I start weaving the story then we can have a fourth outlet which is story only


Where we at with this?


Good morning! Just woke up and rushing to work.

@Thunder I think @Saint_Crypto will make the new thread etc so that he has editing options. He’s sleeping and then has work so we’ll have to be patient.


@Thunder is also in a different timezone.

He’s like 14-15 hours out of our timezones.


When we got the Dark essence, was it just a one time + 1d6 on attack or permanent?

Piece Effect Cost
Weapons Add 1D6 to Damage 15 Essence
Body Add 10HP 5 Essence
Head Add 1 Damage Resistance 10 Essence

If you have 15 Dark Essence you can permanently adjust the attack of your weapon by adding 1D6 to your roll.


Thank you, I see now :v:This game is getting hard to play for a newbie :sweat_smile:


@Kahvia We each rolled 1D6 when we defeated the Dark Knight and we each got that many of Dark Essence. I have 4, and will trade them for 2 Rhycerodon Hide each, If you’re interested?


My 6 hides for your 4 essence and we have a deal :v:


I see how it can be confusing. The admin isn’t easy either. I think we have enough of an ecosystem running for now. We wanted to give people a chance to earn equipment through drops, or craft it, or buy it from others. We don’t want the shop to be a monopoly.

I’ll take you up o this :slight_smile:

ETN Arena - Gameplay

I also think it might be an idea to spend accumlated etn maybe a small fee for crafting etc.

Also thought about having dark soul theme where the user has same currency for shop & levling up. That way the player can decide between gear vs pure stats


So we pay ETN to level up? Do we work with the same stats that we get per community level? So for example: 100 ETN per level and each level gets you extra 10hp and 1D6?