ETN Arena - Discussion


Nope, you can join whenever. But you will probably die in 3 hits if you are unlucky enough to get hit :slight_smile:


test @ETNbot roll 1d6+6


:game_die: 3


what is +6 in the end


Tried if modifiers could be applied directly to the dice roll.


i think we cannot… the bot didn’t read it… it only reads what we put on xdy where ‘x’ is the number of dice we roll and ‘y’ is the limit high dice can reach


Then let’s add a z field :slight_smile:


then we add other numbers manually if we want to add more function to it … i think i’ll join in


where can i see the damge of the monster?


In the damage field of the monster post in the Join the ETN Arena thread. I’ll eventually migrate monsters to their own thread though so we wont have to scroll.


when i die… will i drop my equipments?


i don’t know this game but i like fighting monster/fighting games


This game is developing quickly which is awesome! Due to the time dif between us though I feel a bit out of touch where are we at now?


It’s been a Patch Suggestion but as of now they remain on as you might want to resurrect.
Maybe add a break risk for equipment on death?
Maybe add a revive timer of 24 hours and let people loot if not revived.


my time is GMT +8… 7am now here


You would make a good admin if you want to once you get into the rules :slight_smile:
As of now I think most people are in the EU.


haha… but i don’t know how the story plays off


I used to play dota, cabal, mobile legends, coc back then… I abandon all of that since I have known Electroneum and focus my time on it


Haha I have no idea about the story. Some concept about Champions fighting for the God of All Richard Ells against the FUD that falls over the realm :wink:

It’s up to our loremaster @Thunder to flesh it out :slight_smile:


is there a Living monster now? I like your suggestion of putting new thread for Monster