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Yes. I just am not too familiar with games like this and so many rules going on. I thought I’d ask


Np, aight I’m heading off to work catcha guys later. You got a new treat to take care of now :slight_smile:


Hey, How can I get to +50 affinity when I start to get affinity only after that? Or is the some other mechanic to get affinity? I mean I get it for healing but I start to heal at +50 :thinking:


@Kahvia I guess one potion would do the trick? We’ll have to confirm with our Game Master @Saint_Crypto


Healing pots can be used for Evelin Affinity yes


@Kahvia that means that one minor pot will get you 150 affinity. 2 affinity points X 50 heal X 50% human affinity gain bonus = 150.


I think all the current rules should be on the spreadsheet so it is easy to find them. And Perhaps enemy mechanics/loot mechanics too


I removed most rules from the original topic except how to participate and added the full ruleset to docs. If anyone would want to reframe/spellcheck/clarify/improve the visuals of the rules that would be greatly appreciated. As much as I want to, I can probably not stare at a screen much more today.


I re-organised the rules so it flows a bit better.


Make a third thread only for monster so that current monster stats and monster slain history can be easily overlooked without scrolling? This would mean that ETN Arena is only for battle logic. @Kahvia @Tim @84cb62908bdae9b2c887 @Thunder

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  • No

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ETN Arena - Gameplay

Okay that’s me signing off for the night :slight_smile:


If I join in will I get 100% damage from the monster since I am a professor?


Yeah, but you will have 3d6 dmg and 30 base health :slight_smile:


I wonder why you still include 6 when monster attacks since your team for now is only 5.


Instead of rerolling. why not just used 5
@ETNbot roll 10d5 let’s test it out if there is no number higher than 5 when we do it like this


:game_die: 5, 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 1, 2


and the maximum side of the dice is 120… so we can roll up to 120
@ETNbot roll 5d121 test version


Did you know that the maximum number of sides for a mathematically fair die is 120?

:game_die: 76, 57, 60, 15, 52


OMG Kaiser! You open up


if i join in now… will the monster difficulty increase…and what is my level then… i would be too weak for that monster?