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I think the problem lies in that the player damage scaling happens much faster than the monsters. I’m almost willing to double monster damage so they deal Difficulty x2 D6 damage instead of Difficulty x D6 damage.
That way most Claymore people would be between 3-4 in Difficulty level and not above level 6 in damage :confused:


Honestly this Knight could be destroying us but he missed twice instead of critting twice. I think the randomness of the miss and crit is fun. Makes it unpredictable.


True, but instead of compensating with damage I have to compensate by weird abilities and passives.

  • Increase monster base damage
  • Compensate by monster passives/abilities

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The abilities are really fun and interesting.


Regarding the balance deity final ability, I assume it’s a once per day thing?


Yeah, I added that.
I suppose you thought about Mahbahmut?


Update: Updated description to this thread with wishlist and ideas.


As tempting as Mahbahmut is, I think that teamwork will pay off better in the long run. Taking loot away from teammates doesn’t benefit the whole. I’d rather take a damage ability or healing ability to contribute to the team-fight strength.


But what if you encounter a monster that can charm your teammates :wink: `?


Added some pictures for the Gods to.


The reroll ability could be a life-saver in encounters. I suppose that’s such a selfless ability that it’s fair to be a little greedy too.


Anyway, I’m heading off to sleep. But you have some choices to make before we keep going :slight_smile: Cya tomorrow!


One last question! If we are 1000+ affinity do we have all 3 abilities or only the top 1?


Night Saint. Thanks for all of this. It’s amazing!


You have all three abilities :slight_smile:
Here’s a sneak peek on what await you if defeat the Dark Knight and get to level 4 for the first time so far :wink:



that’s how I look after my wife tells me to do stuff


Thunder Thaddius Blightseeker Dwarf 2 244/220 7 Full Plate Claymore None Mahbahnut 0 0 102

here is my info for the data sheet I don’t think I have save abilities


For purposes of the story I want some suggestions in creating the world that we are fighting in. I want a name of a village you may have in mind, a couple of arenas or areas we would fight in to prove our honour. If we are enslaved and fighting for our freedom or what your story is that brought you to this point in time! if you have background story for me to add more depth and realism pm your toon’s backstory. This would include upbringing. Any quirks or oddities about your character also let me know! I will run out a couple of pages after maybe a couple of more fights with a rendition of what we went through story style. Remember we want to try and include ETN as part of the story so maybe it has magical powers in your character belief system or it is a mystical being etc etc something that we can have fun with. Maybe uncle ETN was always looking after you blah blah blah you get the idea … and go!!!


Can I roll for the essence and the items?


Yes of course. You fought the creature didnt you?