ETN Arena - Discussion


I think it would be amazing if admins and players took turns to play the monsters. Would make the experience smoother yet more dynamic. Perhaps that would make the game easier for newcomers to learn as people won’t have to learn the monster side just (although you’re already kindly doing that for us.) Not sure what you mean regarding the awesome equipment. I don’t think everyone wants to spend so much money to play the game, which is why I think random monster drops gives some people an avenue to get stronger. You could make it that level 1 to 3 monsters are compulsory combat but anything higher is for the honor guard (make it optional?) That way people don’t get squashed on their first go at the game.


Also just a question regarding drops (if we do them). What’s the plan if you get a drop and you already have that piece of equipment? Could you give it away/sell it at a discounted price? That would be a win/win situation for the seller and the others looking to gear up.


Ah I think I get it yes. Simply put, we extend the range of gear so that there are rarer items to obtain. Maybe someone in the community would like to design cool graphics for unique items?


Standard RPG rule, sell for 50% of purchase price?


That makes sense. I imagine selling it back to the shop? Player trade may be fun but it could make the game unstable and might make it difficult to maintain ETN rewards.


Player trade could work. I don’t really see the downside to it. Player A wants to purchase an item for 1000 ETN but player B has that exact item extra. Player A most likely (unless player B is very kind) needs to offer more than 500 ETN for the item, otherwise player B will just sell it to the shop.

What I have noticed however is that I think ETN rewards for high level challenges might be unsustainable.

Currently a Katana Lv2 user deals in average 24.5 damage and with x3 modifier for a Level 3 monster that mean they earn 73.5 ETN from a single hit with only 25% chance to recieve 3D6 damage back :/.

I’m also not sure about the mechanic to only hit a single enemy once, the reason it exist is to make the community come together to fight threats, but if the player base is low it might reach a certain stop. Maybe use “one attack every 24 hours” ?


If you’re happy with the player trading, I think it would be more fun. Items will all find a natural price depending on their rarity and usefulness. We’ll need to adjust drop rates in order to maintain a fair price for items. Too much supply and the shop would get forced to buy it all back, and would run out of funds. That’s all way in the future though. We don’t have the player volume to be worrying about that just yet.


I agree that the size of the rewards will be unsustainable at our current rate if we start giving loot drops. The shop will lose revenue to the trading. I don’t like the idea of a trade tax, it’s got ‘real world’ written all over it. Maybe we just try keep the reward size and loot drops at sustainable levels.


Regarding the one turn each mechanic… the game flow works, so why not just keep going around having one turn each until the monster is defeated?


I think that the more action and fun we have in the arena, the more people will want to hop in. Enabling the game to continue will create that flow that everyone wants to be a part of.


One idea would be that mobs drop materials that can be collected and then crafted into items. Instead of dropping the same as the shop sell.

The problem is that a lv6 monster with current scaling would require about 32 people with Katanas ^^ and a lv4 monster 8 people


I think the difficulty going up or down was a great way to handle not taking on more than we can chew. We’ll get there when we’re ready, and it will be awesome!


All good ideas. Much to discuss we must not lose fact that keeping it simple will entice new people to play which is what we want. We can make as many rules as we want that might make sense to us but loose everyone else.

My two bits each person should fight once against a a monster until all players have attacked then the roll (initiative is reset) if all players have attacked and the beast lives then we simply roll again.

Only once a day can be irritating if we have three, get the monster down to 2 hit points then have to wait cause no one else to fight.

I have no issues pre rerolling so if I go to work for example I can roll my damage which is in plain sight for everyone to see so if my next turn comes around and I am not on physically to respond my stats are built in and confirmed by ETNbot.

The Game master whom ever that may be (at some point other players that have earned the ability can do this role properly updating the chart along the way etc etc just run with it.)

In this fashion we could have multiple people play or even just two the downside to less players is they most likely take more damage but hey if they take out the baddie good on them.

Lots of variables that I am sure we will figure out. It should always remain fun, easy to do, and not be a pain in the rear for anyone!


I agree with all of that. It would let the players play. I think many would happily accept the higher reward for the higher risk that having few numbers could be. It’s for the adventure, and for fun!


I’m not against people queuing, rolls that way I can also handle a lot of adminstrative stuff once a day instead of checking in every hour or so.


I was thinking of titles, and then realised it may be better to let that be an informal process.


As a Dwarf, would it be my base health that increases by 15% or my health after item bonuses?


Health Total :slight_smile: otherwise it’s pretty weak


Yes I was thinking so, but in the long run with better gear its really strong. Still means having to buy hp pots to fill it up though. Just not sure if I need that much hp right now, even with the heavy plate nerf.


Really wanna pick right. Is there option to change later? Maybe a single-use-item?