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As soon as they reach the same level of trust as you their 50% damage mitigation is gone.
And for each person recruited you get more and more ETN. Recruiting 3 people is enough for a minor potion and 6 people enough for a resurrect.


Lets have a timed response too, too much too soon just gets confusing for everyone, maybe release a new idea or theme every couple of days or spaced out enough we can all digest it.


Yeah good idea, I want ETN Arena to like Fight the Dump Club for all nerds here :slight_smile:


There will be a lot of tweaking and balancing as we go though (already considering to nerf Dragonplate to 200 :wink: )


Okay I didn’t know that it went away when they leveled up. Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe a story update too once a week where the legend of so and so is told or the valiant effort of so and so who died was keen on the minds of the heroes almost like a continuing story. Maybe legendary monster such and such is just lurking around the corner. If you feed me some base stats of what happened I can propel that into a visual story so people can read along on what actually happened to the players. It makes it more immersive… stylize it a bit and have some fun with it!! just an idea…


All I know is that I purchased a 250hp bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing is set in stone yet :wink:


I am out for a bit have some shopping to go do ( more ETN chomp chomp) and other worldly things will post more later have a great day everyone!


A visual story would be amazing!
Not really sure what the story goes like though. I Imagine some weird fantasy with ETN and Crypto influences. The story most likely mostly have to concist of fights and challenges since it should be easy for people to jump in and out of it.

But having a weekly story update aswell as patch note might be something? That way it would be much easier to overview what might be tweaked etc.


Yes it (the story) would work like this you would send my an overview of what happened in a nutshell like Rigatourious the nomad died (players name) against Teteradon the invincible (monster that defeated player.) You could add it was close or took three rounds if you have that kind of data. I would then turn it into a story that anyone reading could then visualize.

Chapter One Page One:… The wind made every effort to dance with the embers that drifted upwards into the darkness, as the wind whipped the remaining shards of fire upwards, a hush fell over the remaining villagers at the great loss of their noble fighter, Thoracles the Nimble (or what ever the players name is). It was here that the last stand only the previous night versus the feared swamp monster only know as “Black Death”(insert monster name here) left this village in ruins, the smell of fire and dust still a reminder of the tragedy that struck.

Other fighters from the realm arriving stood tall and quiet paying their solemn respects. @Thunder stood almost still gripping has mighty battle axe until his knuckles turned white. @Kahvia via shifted her gaze so no one would see the tears of resentment and frustration flee from her face. It was in this moment a bond was forged and a strong alliance now known as the ETN alliance was created. This was to ensure the remaining villagers would never again see death like they had recently witnessed. After the long procession and burial, plans were drawn up and made by the heroes in hopes of defeating Black Death. In the distance a low wretched, horrible sound could be heard. The hunger of Black Death not yet sated was about to return.

Heroes ready your arms for you are not prepared for the next chapter in the ETN chronicles of Life… etc etc etc you get the idea

Of course I would add more info like Toracles valiantly battled Black Death but in the end was no match losing his. (insert gear or weapon here)

I could even do a voice over or something so people could listen to it like reading a kindle book or something. That would be cool.



What are our respective timezones? I’m CAT (UTC+2)


Pacific West Coast for me 12:42 a.m. right now


Gmt +2n 8.42am right now


Pretty similar time. It’s 9:47am here.


Some ideas for spicing up combat:

  1. Monsters could have different attack types and when they attack they first roll for the type of attack? Could be like an area of effect attack that hits multiple people, but we all get to roll for a chance to dodge?

  2. Add dexterity to monsters. They may hit with lower damage if they have a low strength rating but if they have high dexterity our attacks are more likely to miss? Similarly we can have an accuracy rating which gives them higher crit chance? We do this by saying one less 1 required on our roll for it to count as a miss and one less 6 required on their roll for it to count as a crit?


GMT+2 also here in Finland :v:


I’m coming to Finland in December! Going with my girlfriend to visit her family. Will be going skiing and maybe to Lapland :smiley:


Welcome welcome :blush: don’t mind the people, everyone is crumpy all the time :sweat_smile: But the nature and the views are amazing :+1:
*also do not underestimate the coldness in Lapland, bring all the cold weather clothes you have :grin:


Ha ha, thank you :slight_smile: I think the good people of Finland just need some more sunlight in their lives :sunny:

I’ve got some skiing clothes that I’ll pack and otherwise I guess I’ll pick up some warmer clothing over there. The shops here in Cape Town don’t really cater for such cold weather.