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Yeah it was @Thunder. Good going!


This ability actually gets weaker as you add more dice to your roll, so it doesn’t suit a glass cannon very well.


Tweaked the ability:
“Once per day, the player may choose to deal
critical hit on 4,5,6 majority instead of majority of

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Well… Now we’re in trouble…

If because I’m charmed I can’t use divine abilities, does that mean the 1d6 from the first Nezereth ability is negated? That would also mean adding my 10% hitpoints back.


The first ability is passive and not an active ability, hence it still applies.


Can I attack the beast while I’m charmed?

When it uses me to attack does it still have a chance of attacking me?


No, while charmed you can’t perform any actions.
You do not appear in the monster’s target table but players may choose to target you instead of the monster.
You will retaliate towards other players if the monster is attacked and the monster will retaliate if you are attacked.
You may try to break the charm by spending brutality points or wait and hope that another player becomes charmed.


Hey guys back on had the comp in the shop for a couple of days getting maintenance. No idea what I have missed could someone update me please? Cheers!


Can I buy more essence so I can craft Imbue Essence*


Dark Essence is not sold in shop, you may however negotiate with other players and see if they may give/sell you some of theirs :slight_smile:


Anyone willing to sell me some dark essence?


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@Saint_Crypto Can I have 2 x 1 handed weapons equipped?


Good question. I would say not currently, mostly due to that being exploitable by having two really bad weapons and still dealing more damage than a twohanded good weapon. For now the offhand is mostly made for having a shield in but dual-wielding is definitly a good idea. I will think about a future patch for it :slight_smile:


Perhaps make offhand have 50% stats?


I just bought a 200 hp restore you should get etn soon. Yes Maritz I will sell my dark essence


Time to pick your base class people :smiley:
@Thunder @Tim @84cb62908bdae9b2c887 @Kahvia @Maritz


@Thunder heal recieved updating docs


@Thunder, thank you. how much you want for them?


Some epic changes Professor @Saint_Crypto. Thank you.