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Do we get to reconsider our choices or do we need to pay to start a new character?


Yeay maybe not, but we need to find some way to measure general player power.


Idea is the everyone will have one.


I have started the story weaving should have something in a couple of hours to post


Where do you want me to post the story when I am done? What thread? Also who killed Cyclops?


Make a new thread named “ETN Arena - Story” in the non etn forum :slight_smile:


Okay everything is in progress lol this will be fun. Send me any ideas, opinions hints etc as I throw down as once I get going I will keep going lol Backstory is done and now main writing is underway … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Except for Augustus who prefered wearing cloth xD LOL


Okay guys I am a few pages in now (like three) and I like the feel of what my “vision” was in telling our story. As I go on more will be fleshed out. Wanted input if you guys like it and if you want me to add anything etc. I am telling it much as if a grandfather would be telling a story to his grandson or at least that was the imagery I conjured up. I will add the pictures along the way to add to the immersion and I think it will take on a life of its own. I am always open to suggestions and should you guys want to also dive in and have a go at the writing have at er just try to keep the continuity in place so it makes sense. I think it would actually be cool trading off with all of us having our perspective to write. That said I am more than happy to keep at it and in general will be looking at putting up about three to five pages per day or so. Cheers and have a great day!!!


Morning all, just busy updating the document with yesterdays action.


I rolled earlier but I am not sure where we are at do you need another roll from me @Tim


Brutality points (idea concept) on a roll someone can automatically crit (they just say I am using a brutality point) every 10 monsters collectively killed by the group awards 1 brutality point. If multiple monsters are in the same construct then 2 points are awarded. But the next three damage rolls do half damage or two days rest before it can be utilized again. This will allow adventurers to be good when required but it comes at a great cost. Usually used as a last ditch effort to not die! Thoughts?


I have updated the concept in the tracker for further review.


@84cb62908bdae9b2c887 I saw there was a vote where people wanted it changed to 12 hours. There hasn’t been a message saying that we’re changing that rule so I’m still working off a 24 hour time. One thing to consider is that doing this would double the amount of admin to be done and as it is @Saint_Crypto and myself are barely coping. Unless we find an easier way to get it all done, I don’t think we can handle doubling the admin.


Hey everyone, sorry to do this but after a week of volunteer admin for this game I’m stepping down. I’m still interested to see where the game goes and will participate as a player but I won’t be doing the daily admin of doing the calculations for player attacks as well as monster retaliations and updating of the spreadsheet for everyone’s actions. It’s more than I wanted to take on.


I think it’s about time players make their own retaliations state change summarizes. I have a lot working going on right now and unfortunately I can may only be able to update monster stats once a day or so.

#218 thought you guys might want in on this.


I do not know who came up with the Brutality system but I suspect it was @Tim
I think it’s a great idea and that made me think about making a class progression system or something like that. Then Brutality can be used as a “experience” being spent to either increase max health, earn some extra affinity to maybe gain a new threshhold or level up within a skill tree. What do you guys think?

Add Classes with Class Progression?
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  • Yes
  • No

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It was me actually, I used it in a harsh barbarian campaign we played a couple of years back. It was a lot of fun!


I have also spawned / assimilated it into my current Star Realms (D+D in Space) Campaign I run currently.