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It’s very pay to win


If crafting is too cheap, it’s easier to increase the resource requirements than add a fee. Keeps the admin lower and effectively does the same thing.


No, you cant pay for experience. You can only use ETN earned but not paid out to level up. You may notice that docs has two field for etn. That way you can decide whether you want to level up or get paid. Meaning that accumlated exp can be spent to lv up.

Another option is to make experience completely separate and automatic but then it should be shated evenly amongst participants, otherwise its “purchase katana to level up faster and win”


I like the level up idea. I think that either way is good :slight_smile:


I worked my ass off making this thread so please go ahead and like it <3


Lower Attack Timer to 12 hours?
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From my last attack I’ve earned my first boon from my deity.

“Once per day, the player may choose to deal critical hit on anything but rolling a 1.**”

“**Most be announced before damage has been rolled”

Before I use it I’d like to confirm how it works. Do I say I’m using it before my normal roll? Say my normal roll comes out 6-4-1-3, what would happen? Do I roll the 6 4 and 3 again for the crit damage?


So just like a normal crit roll? What does the “anything but rolling a 1” part mean?


Normally half of your dices must roll on a 6 for a crit with a minimum of 2 dices. Players with only 1D6 can’t even crit.

With that ability you don’t have to roll double sixes, you will crit as long as you don’t roll a “1” on any die.


Thanks I like that way of doing it :slight_smile:


My dream would be to see this thread still alive and going about 5 years into the future. Imagine having over 1000 players and around 50 admins, tending to updating the game progression & state 24/7. Working as a blockchain where the admins are the nodes and the players are the wallets. Everything happening being a part of history and patchnotes being voted on before going into gameplay. I would love to see such an autonomous organisation flourish.

My aim of this is not to make a few thousand cheap etn by selling people fictional plate armor, my vision is to create a community-based gaming forum unlike anything the world has ever seen before, a game forum where people may earn real money simply by participating and being active. Imagine people from india or poorer countries in Africa joining in. For them the ETN they earn by attacking a monster might be what separates them from purchasing a real and tasty dinner from mere nutrients to stay alive.


I asked about the missing (minimum 2) the other night and after discussing we clarified the rule to be 1, X is a miss and added that example to the rules.

It seems that we misunderstood and we’ve played the misses so far for this monster as 1,X is a miss.

What should we do?


My logic is - Why would a weaker monster be incapable of missing.?

I don’t mind which way we do it, so long as we clarify it for future.


Yeah I agree, I’m not too sure about the Hit/Miss system either tbh. I would like all players to be able to hit or miss, no matter the amount of damage.


Maybe if you roll a 6 but no 1s, it’s a Crit & if you roll a 1 but no 6s it’s a miss? That would be scalable no matter the damage…
But that would make 1 dmg creatures crit or miss a lot more often, but does a 1d6 crit really do that much?


Half is half. Makes the rule easier for people to follow.


I drank some wine and accidentally added another 3 Gods ^^


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Not really digging the combat restriction after already pursuing a damage build. The lowest monster I can fight is this Cyclops.


Will all the Gods be getting an acolyte ability or just some?