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History Progression

92 Player Dies: @84cb62908bdae9b2c887
115 Minor Patch: Recruiting new players now earns the recruiter and the recruited ETN. The recruited also takes 50% damage is their community level is lower than the recruiter.
116 Minor Patch: Attacks can now critically hit and miss.
119 Player Revive: @84cb62908bdae9b2c887
133 Minor Patch: Users may now attack each monster once every 24 hours instead of only once permanently.
209 Major Patch:

  • Greater Healing Potion now costs 150 instead of 100 ETN.
  • Full Plate now grants 200 health instead of 250 .
  • Player can now choose a Race (See Race tab in docs).
  • Players can now choose a Deity (See Deity tab in docs).
  • Players can now choose a name for their character.

324 Minor Patch: Rules moved into Docs. Loot rules added.
347 Minor Patch: Crafting & Trading added. Last man may flee rule added
365 Minor Patch: Shop fused into one tab, 365
366 Crafting Done: @Tim Craft Leather Slingshot, 366
366 Minor Patch: Auctioning items added, 368
368 Trade Added: @Tim Selling Leather Slingshot, 368
372 Major Patch:

  • Threads have been updated and renamed.
  • All threads now contain links to the other threads in their first post.
  • Patch Notes, Trades, Crafting, Monster spawns/Kills & Player Deaths & Revives will now be announced in the Bestiary & Lore channel. That channel is to be clean, so please use the Discussion channel for posting.

421 Major Patch (Important):

  • Escape Combat Rule updated: "A player may escape combat at any time and thereby removing themselves from the being targetable by the monster’s attacks. Doing this however will disable the player from rejoining the same fight and it’s also not a guaranteed escape. The player roll his/her community level amount of D6s versus the monster’s Difficulty amount of D6’s. If the player has a higher sum, they escape. If not, they are unable to escape the fight for another 24 hours. "
  • Combat Timer Lowered: Players are now able to attack every 12 hours instead of ever 24 hours.
  • Break Risk on Death: Upon death there’s a 50% chance an item the player has will break. Roll a 1d2, if the result is 1 an item breaks. If an item breaks, roll through the players items to see which one it is (this may vary depending on the amount of equipment).
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Some abilities may be flagged as a buff or debuff. A buff has a positive effect on the target/targets, and a debuff a negative effect. A de/buff must specify what effect is has, if it’s avoidable & how long it lasts.
  • Area of Effect: Some abilities may target one or several people. An AOE-ability must specify how many people are affected, if the ability is avoidable (such as by rolling). An AOE-ability can be both healing, damage & debuffs. Both player weapons and monster may have access to AOE .
  • Rule Document Update: Font and size is now consistent and the categories have been established to easier find the relevant rules.
  • Day of the Lightning: The 1st of November is ETN’s birthday which we celebrate by giving all current players 10 silver bars! Silver is a highly effective metal against werewolfes and vampires! We also have a 50% discount on Richard’s Kiss until the 8th of November .
  • Crafting Recipes Updated: Silver Longsword & Silver Claymore can now be crafted.
  • Forging Costs Balanced: Several Forging Costs have been adjusted.

441 Minor Patch:

  • Deity & Affinity: Deities are now known as gods and there are 4 ranks to divine progression: Acolyte, Cultist, Caller, Prophet. Each rank unlocking a unique ability.
  • New God:

Nurag, Herald of Pestilance

Affinity Gain: 1 per point of recieved damage

Acolyte: Whenever a player or creature dies you heal an amount of D6 equal to your community level

Cultist: Everytime you take damage, spawn a 10 Health worm. The worm appears in target tables &
does not disappear at end of combat.

Caller: You may sacrifice worms to heal yourself an amount equal to its current health.

Prophet: Your worms now attack the same target you do with 1D6 damage. Worm damage counts as yours and earns you ETN.

442 Minor Patch:

New God:

Agni, God of the Forge

Affinity Gain : 1 affinity for each ETN spent as forging cost

Acolyte: -

Cultist: Whenever you deal combat damage to a creature, that creature can’t gain life for another 12 hours.

Caller: Whenever you deal combat damage to a creature, that creature recieves an additional_community level amount of D6 damage once every 12 hours for 24 hours.

Prophet: All your attacks deals damage as if they had an AOE-effect.

New God:

Opus, The Voidborn

Affinity Gain : 5 affinity whenever a Creature attacks any player

Acolyte: -

Cultist: You gain Damage Reduction equal to your Community Level

Caller: Once a day, you may shift your current health with any other player. Use this ability only while alive.

Prophet: Once per day, all players gain a bonus to their next damage roll equal to your community level amount of D6s. You lose life equal to the amount of D6s total. This bonus expires 12 hours after it has been announced as used.

443 Major Patch:

  • Combat Level Restrictions: Players may only attack creatures with a difficulty level that is higher than their own damage divided by two. Rounded up but lowest one. Ex. A Character with 5D6 damage may only attack Difficulty 3 (5/2 rounded up) enemies. Someone with 8D6 damage may only attack enemies with Difficulty 4 and up.

  • Account Rules & Functionality Added:
    A player account is their ETN Forum Username. A Player may have a maximum amount of Characters tied to their account equal to their Community Level. As long as the amount of owned characters are lower than the community level, the player may create a another character by paying 100 ETN x The Amount of Characters they own (200 for second character, 300 for third, 400 for fourth) Making a second character works ju in the same way as the first one, but the actions are slightly limited:

  • Characters within the same account cannot trade ETN or Items between each other.

  • They may however trade materials between eachother as long as it's according to the market value.

There are several reasons for this patch.

  • It enables people to experiment with classes, gods and builds to find what they enjoy the most.
  • It makes it easier to notice unbalanced elements in the game.
  • It makes it easier for new players to join in as monster difficulty is relative to character strength.
  • Some players may enjoy making an "alt" and enjoy the intensity of single digit damage rolls once more.

571 Minor Patch:

  • Rule that allows combatant to only participate in combat has been revoked. Anyone can attack any monster, at least until we find a suitable rule.
  • Potions & Resurrect has had their costs increased their pricing was extremely cheap relative to how fast people earn ETN.
  • Adding passive abilities to some gods.

642-644 Minor Patches

  • Brutality Points : Each Monster grants each combatant a number of brutality points equal the monster difficulty level. Brutality Points can be spent and announced before an attack by specifying a number. That attack will consume the chosen number of Brutality points but add that amount of dices to their next attack roll. The catch is, once a player announces that they uses Brutality Points they may not attack again until the next monster has spawned (big monster, not ads).
  • Brutality Utility: Brutality points can now be used to increase max health or affinity by 1 point for each brutality point spent. This has no effect on whether the player may attack a creature or not.
  • All Gods now have a first minor ability.

703 Minor Patch

  • Breaking Crowdcontrol: A user may spend x Brutality Points to earn x amount of D6s to roll resistance against crowdcontrol.

777 Major Patch (Very Important)

  • Dual Wielding: Characters may now dualwield weapons, the offhand weapon deals half the amount of dices as the primary. Both are added to the same damage roll, if the damage was an uneven number, the dices are rounded down and adds +2 in the end.
  • Shields: Shields can now be purchased and crafted.
  • Twohanded weapons in one hand: Players may use a twohanded weapon in one hand in order to have a weapon or shield in their offhand. The primary weapon will however deal half the damage this way.
  • Ranged Weapons: Ranged weapon has a 50% chance to not trigger a retalitation. Roll 1D6, if the result is 4,5,6 nothing happens. If the result is 1,2,3 retaliation happens as normal.
    Ranged weapons also requires ammunition to work (exception is the sling which can use rocks found everywhere).
  • Ammunition & Quivers: Ammunition, quivers and crafting recipes has been added.
  • Classes & Class Progression: Warrior, Scoundrel & Mage base classes have been added. Conqueror, Guardian, Rouge, Ranger, Wizard & Priest advanced classes have been added see docs for more info.

778 Minor Patch

  • Fugazi Day: Today’s (November 16th) it’s
    exactly one year ago Fugazi made his 35$ price prediction video. We celebrate that by healing all current players for 35 health and offer them +35 damage on their next attack roll!

919 Minor Patch:

  • Shop Updated: Shop has been updated for clarification and easier overview.
  • Nezereths lifesteal ability now cost 1 Brutality Point to activate. It was just too powerful, especially in combination with the Prophet ability.
  • Characters may longer use shop in combat for narrative reasons. Any character may now only purchase items before they attack the monster for the first time or after a successfull flee attempt.

1064 Minor Patch:

  • Crafting improved: Dragon items can now be crafted.
  • Essence Swap: Every 10 Dark Essence can now be exchanged for 1 Brutality point.

1080 Minor Patch:

  • Remove trading restrictions within an account.

1108 Minor Patch
-Agnis Prophet ability now hits community level extra targets. This amount can be multiplied any amount of times for each brutality point spent

1287 Minor Patch:

  • Nurag worms disappear at the end of each combat

ETN Arena - Gameplay
ETN Arena - Discussion
ETN Arena - Discussion

Goblin Archer (Killed by @Saint_Crypto )

“Who are you to judge whether I am valuable or not?”

Difficulty: 1
Health: -11/30
Damage: 1D6
Electroneum Reward: 30
Post Published: 3
Post Slain: 47
Alive for: 8 hours


Minotaur Warrior (Killed by @Thunder)

“My God is ready for their meat! Let us see the mouth of hell. Open the gates!”

Difficulty: 2
Health: -15/30
Damage: 2D6
Electroneum Reward: 60
Post Published: 50
Post Slain: 70
Alive for: 1 hour


Rhycerodon (Killed by @84cb62908bdae9b2c887 )

"People might chase the rhycerodon’s skin, but there’s a point when something’s going to hurt you.”

Difficulty: 3
Health: -8/100
Damage: 3D6
Electroneum Reward: 300
Monster Reward: 2D6 Rhycerodon Skins/Combatant.
Post Published: 75
Post Slain: 138
Alive for: 1 day


Mutated Abomination (Killed by @Saint_Crypto)

In biology the roles of mutation and selection in evolution are coming to be better understood through the use of bacterial cultures of mutant strains.

Difficulty: 2
Health: -7/60
Damage: 2D6
Electroneum Reward: 120 (+10/horror, goes to killer)
Monster Reward: 2D6 Rhycerodon Skins/Combatant.
Post Published: 141
Post Slain: 178
Alive for: 1 hour


Dark Knight (Killed by @Thunder)

“He’s a silent guardian and a watchful protector"

Difficulty: 3
Health: -7/90
Damage: 3D6
Electroneum Reward: 270
Monster Reward: 1D6 Rhycerodon Skins/Combatant. +2 rolls, a 6,6 on First Roll = Dark Knight Helm, a 5,5 on Second Roll = Dark Knight Sword.
Post Published: 181
Post Slain: 231
Alive for: 3 hours


Cyclops (Killed by @84cb62908bdae9b2c887)

“The bridge fell away into the chasm, and the Cyclops howled … with delight, because he was standing right next to us.”

Difficulty: 4
Health: -12/200
Damage: 4D6
Damage Absorbtion: 6
Electroneum Reward: 800
Monster Reward: 2D6 Stone Plate(+1 for each slain Earth Elemental)/Combatant. +1 roll, a 6,6 on First Roll = Heart of the Giant (+20% total health).
Post Published: 234
Post Slain: 526
Alive for: 6 days
Retaliation: Cyclops & all alive elements retaliate upon Cyclop taking damage. If Elemental takes damage, only the damaged Elemental will retalitate.

Elemental 1 (Killed by @Tim)
Spawned = At 150 Health.

Elemental 2 (Killed by @84cb62908bdae9b2c887)
Spawned = At 100 Health.

Elemental 3 (Killed by @84cb62908bdae9b2c887)
Spawned = At 50 Health.

ETN Arena - Gameplay

Bog Witch (Killed by @84cb62908bdae9b2c887)

I don’t find it humiliating when they call me a psychopath or witch.

Difficulty: 3
Health: -22/60
Damage: 3D6
Damage Absorbtion: Takes 50% damage (rounded down) from physical attacks.
Electroneum Reward: 180
Monster Reward: 2D6 Dark Essence/Combatant. One combatant (roll which one) recieves “Tormented Head”
Tormented Head: Once per week (mon-sun) the player may use the “Tormented Head’s” screech ability to prevent any attack that would be dealing combat damage to him/her.
Effect: When Bog Witch spawn, a random player get’s cursed. All damage that’s dealt to the Bog Witch is also dealt to the cursed player.
Post Published: 529
Post Slain: 556
Alive for: 3 days

ETN Arena - Gameplay

Raki, General of Urgahr (Killed by @Maritz)

“I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above; those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I do not love.”

Difficulty: 4
Health: -10/150
Damage: 6D6
Damage Absorbtion: 5
Electroneum Reward: 900
Monster Reward: Each combatant roll 2D6, on 6,6 grants Raki’s Greataxe on 5,5 grants Raki’s Belt. All combatants earn 1D6 steel bars.
Raki’s Greataxe : 6D6 damage and all attacks have Cleave dealing its damage to two targets instead of one.
Raki’s Belt: +4 Absorbtion.
Effect: Once Raki gets under 50% health (<75) he will Rampage making one attack every 12 hour in addition to any retaliation.
Post Published: 583
Post Slain: 665
Alive for: 2 days

ETN Arena - Gameplay

Verothrax, Guardian of the Bog

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

Difficulty: 5
Health: -2/400
Damage: 5D6
Damage Absorbtion: 10
Electroneum Reward: 2000
Monster Reward: 2D6 Dragon Scales, 2D6 Dragon Bone & 5D6 Dark Essence for each Combatant.
On 6,6: Heart of the Soulless (Heart): Once per day, the player may choose that target monster of player attacks any target (that they haven’t attack within the last 12 hours) of the owner’s choice. If the monster is solely, the monster must attack another player.
On 5-6, 5-6: Eye of Hollow (Eye): Whenever a creature dies. The owner of this item earns an additional ETN equal to their community level amount of D6.

Post Published: 677
Post Slain: 1033
Alive for: 11 days
Retaliation: Any creature that deals damage to it.

Verothrax may retaliate in one of three ways. Roll 1D6.

  • 1-2 Lord of the Bog: Create a 20hp, 1d6 dmg zombie. It retalitates if Verotrax is attacked and Verotrax retalitate if it is attacked.
  • 3-4 Dragon Fire: 1D6 targets take 5D6 damage, ignoring absorbtion.
  • 5-6 Mind Control: A random target roll D6 * their community level & Black Dragon roll its difficulty amount of D6. If Black Dragon’s result is higher than the roll made by the Combatant that Character becomes charmed. A Charmed Character cannot flee, purchase items, use divine abilities or trade and will attack and deal damage to any character that Verothrax would retaliate against. The charm lasts until a new charm target has been affirmed or until the Character or Verothrax are dead.

Swamp of Souls: If a Character were to be killed by this creature, resurrection would become unavailable. The Character would regain full health and fight with the Black Dragon, as if it was charmed. If the Black Dragon is killed, the charm will let go and the player would stay alive with their current health as health.

ETN Arena - Gameplay
ETN Arena - Gameplay

maybe after this reply you can post the new Monster here now?


Bahru, The False God (Slain by @Tim)

Bahru is a greater demon that rules the realm of submission, but just because he’s worshipped, it doesn’t make him a god.

Difficulty: 6
Health: 600/600
Damage Reduction: 15
Damage: 6D6
ETN Reward: 3600 ETN
Post Published: 1081
Post Slain: 1428
Alive for: 20 days
Retaliation: Any creature that deals damage to it or its followers.

Special Reward: 200 Affinity to any Deity of the combatant’s choosing & Demonslayer Title. All combatant earn 8D6 dark essence.

On 5,6 & 5,6: Grasp of Submission. Consume to create a new combatant without paying any ETN for it.

On 6,6: Thorned helm of Bahru. Damage Reduction 8.

Lord of the Cult: Bahru spawn with 20 human followers with 20 health each. Once per day starting from when Bahru takes damage, Bahru will sacrifice a follower to heal himself for their health. If Bahru gets overhealed, all over heal will count as direct damage to all combatants.

Faithful duties: Whenever Bahru is critically hit, prevent all damage and instead sacrifice a follower.

Succumb to darkness: Fleeing a Bahru fight counts as succumbing to a False God which is not appreciated by your God, making you lose 200 affinity as a result of it. If this makes a character go under 0 in affinity, that character is no longer able to earn any affinity with that God.


Atmos & Ashara
Difficulty: 7

Atmos, King of the Sea

“Thy will of the ancients…must be restored”

Health: 400
Damage Reduction: 25 to physical.
Damage: 8D6, +1 Drowning Counter.
ETN Reward: 3000 ETN
Post Published: 1429
Post Slain: ?
Alive for: ?
Retaliation: Any creature that deals damage to it or Ashara
Special Reward: Shell of the Sea. +10 Absorb to Water/Frost Damage.
On 5,6 & 5,6: Hidden treasure of the deep…

Choking depths: For each Drowning Counter a character gets they take that amount of D6s damage extra and deal that amount of D6s less damage.

Ashara, Queen of the Shore

“By slaying Bahru, thou disturbed thy balance of this realm!”

Health: 200
Damage Reduction: 25 to physical.
Damage: 5D6, +2 Drowning Counters.
ETN Reward: 3000 ETN
Post Published: 1429
Post Slain: ?
Alive for: ?
Retaliation: Any creature that deals damage to it or Atmos
Special Reward: Shell of the Sea. +10 Absorb to Water/Frost Damage.
On 5,6 & 5,6: Ashara’s Trident, 2 handed. 8D6 Damage. Starts with 2D6 Drowning Charges.

Strangling Waves: Fleeing is 1D6 harder for each Drowing Counter.

ETN will be percentually distributed once one/both has been slain.

ETN Arena - Gameplay
ETN Arena - Gameplay