Etn app force close

why my etn app on Android force close automatically , i dnt setting to forcr close on my phone anyone have same case like me?

Everyone does, that’s why cloud mining is coming. Have you noticed that when you actually have your ‘miner’ running that you are getting a lot more ETN each day?

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yup 4 maybe 5 times a day or if it stays on during the day it will turn off completely during the night… roll on cloud mining best thing to happen to etn … … … .so far

so the app mining dead soon ? or what ?

so when we can actually cloud mining ? and where ?

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It is in beta for iOS app currently, Apple app released soon with cloud mining and soon after that cloud mining will be transferred to android app as well.


thanks cap really appreciate that info

Sorry i didn’t reply , @PrestoCrypto ty

I can’t wait for android cloud mining :thinking:

Its coming sooooooon

Eeeeeeeeek lol

If i had any likes left i would like twice!

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Im all out too …

We need more likes lol

ios has been live out now

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