ETN and Virgin?

What do you think about a possible link with Virgin?

Nice bit of speculation. Yes lots going on and it’s great having M-Kid and his Whale Army on board the ETN Rocket to the Moon. Richard has lots in the pipeline for sure to put ETN on the world map. Exciting times ahead.


I believe you are on the right track, but i don’t know if the names you tell is korrekt, but that aside. I believe something is about to explode and i am betting so hard that ETN will launch something absolutely astronomic great thing that will change my life, and that is why i have bought all the ETN i could afford. I believe that every 10k ETN will be 100 000$, that is a investment i want.


Everyone may have forgotten about a video right at the beginning when we just came out of ico of a man handing a SA rugby shirt to Richard . That guy turn out to be from vodacom. May be that is it?


Do you know where I could view that video please?

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nice speculation… that would be great if it truly happen


I was actually going to write this same comment

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I was thinking of that video with the SA guy when I read this post. Yep, good bit of speculation. A virgin partnership would be wild!


I try to find that video but can’t anymore. It essentially came from someone whom claimed he was passed the video by his friend. Essentially the video was a man called Chris able whom gave Richard a South African shirt. The video was cut half way. In the comment, somebody confirmed that he worked for vodacom.

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Like coinbase I hope this will happen. Virgin would boost the price in just its self even if he didnt buy coins. cross our fingers