ETN and Toronto GIG

Just joined but have about 2 decades in remittance and digital finance for vulnerable and unbanked. Anyway keen on seeing ETN used amongst creative and gig workers in TO. Also love to see how it can function as a remittance tool. Another feature would be rewards and recognition for community work in low income housing areas, especially for at risk youth.

Hi 11055, welcome to the community. Glad to have you on board.

The unique opportunity brings to the market is obviously not restricted to any particular location or user. Obviously people with limited banking options can make use of the Crypto remittance and expanding off-ramps (ways to spend) in the ETN eco-system… but its also fee free for sellers, which saves a HUGE amount of money for anyone tapping into this freelancer economy.

It goes without saying that ETN is bigger than just The benefits of a cheap, fast way of transferring value can be applied to any company or business. We can see this with the steady growth on

If you have any ideas or suggestions this is the place to lay them out. The team do monitor this part of the forum and always appreciate feedback.

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