ETN and the Unlimited group South Africa

Something for our team to think about. This will affect the buying of airtime and data via ETN?

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Hope we can do the giveaway soon!

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Just wondering, is it absolutely necessary to buy a new SIM card to be able to top-up your data with ETN ?
Wouldn’t it be possible to do it with your actual SIM card ?
Wouldn’t it be a much more efficient way to reach mass adoption with the less changes possible ?

What do you think ?

Yes, it would be more efficient, but I guess it all depends on the deal with the service provider? In South Africa, only The Unlimited group SIM can be use to buy airtime etc with ETN? Maybe one day al srvice providers will see the need for the use of ETN?l

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I think we also need to think all in SA not just the unbanked. When the financial sector and the retail sector get a ETN eye opener, they will adapt to their new market opportunity and they can do a lot in including the unbanked. We must not forget thatSA did work before ETN and we know just giving them more ways to be better, faster and more secure. The entrepreneurship can and will come from every part of the society. Inclusion means all

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