ETN and the transport industry


I know etn have got shite loads coming up with the mobile providers and then maybe after that the gaming side. Have they ever thought about transport. E.g. all the buses and London underground use nfc payments. Could etn go down that route in the future ?


Don’t see why not , but the only issue is the company taxis , busses accepting crypto .


Yes, for example taxis in certain countries now accept TRX (tron)
So why not…?
Also some logistics companies now run on blockchain or are integrating.
DHL is one example.


Automated parcel delivery systems involving drones.
Passenger delivery systems also drones being trialled in singapore currently.
Its all blockchain integration.


Volatility needs to go out of the price before these types of options are realistic.

Richard alluded to this is a recent video.


Yeah im hearing you on that Boo