ETN and Mass Adoption in Nigeria


This read is a follow up from a post by @user81 about “The Nigerian Soul and ETN Mass Adoption”.
I posted it in the comment section but deleted my comment because I prefer making an individual post to get more audience.
Now let’s imagine what happens if Electroneum decides to launch in the most populous Giant of Africa-Nigeria, where there is this huge thirst for accessible and affordable technology. A hub where many gigs exist but have no direct platform to utilize their skill.
Let’s not also forget our most popular local crypto markets like “Nairaex”, “Nairaswitch” and “dollar4naira” providing us with the easiest and fastest fiat to crypto services, and also a Kyc in place readily available to the average Nigerian person and not necessarily having to go through global exchanges and facing trading difficulties.
The average Nigerian would quickly set up Kyc on those local exchanges, trade Naira for bitcoin and store in their respective bitcoin wallets, not having to go through the difficulty of trading their bitcoins on bigger exchanges with little or no technical know how on trading.
I’m aware that there are exchanges that will accept fiat to crypto payments via PayPal and so on, but partnering with Nigeria’s local crypto markets will save us the stress of using PayPal which is not a popular thing here to get our ETN directly with fiat and depositing into our wallets.
This will be the opening of a grand opportunity for ETN’s mass adoption in Nigeria.
@chris.gorman and @ETNCEO need to consider partnering with local exchanges in Nigeria.
What do you think guys? :thinking:


Good suggestion. We need partnered with strong companies in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
See list of countries by number of smartphones (and we need to have covered all regulations there and all most used languages in these countries):

The whole list is here:

In January I create a lot of post in different Facebook groups and receive incedible ammount of suggestion from the community - their dream partner in their country, some of them offer help with making deals…
Now YOU and TEAM @ETNCEO need to explore this list and start making DEALS.
Because a lot of hatters say - that we have no partnership (big or small live- we have only about 10 MOU) and we are not on big exchanges (binance, okex, bittrex, etc) - and I want to show them that we have POWER to be the BIGGEST crypto EVER :heart:

Facebook post here (you can find that my post was created in January 22th and if you are part of a Facebook community and start searching by the keyword - “herballife”:
Its total about 200 coments and suggestion from the community

And another post here collected over 200 likes and over 100 coments

HAVE you some more TIPS for partnering in your country? maybe Taylor Gorman than make deals or get in contact with some of them…

Thanks to all SUPPORTERS - Dont forget - 3 ARROWS :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Incidentally, the top 3 countries on that list have the highest numbers of registered passports.


Its definitly a good idea @Tuga_ray Some strategic partnerships there would benefit in ETN growth and adoption and Will be good for the unbanked :thinking:


I agree. We need ETN in Nigeria. A friend here in Nigeria, a programmer is coding and developing a cryptocurrency wallet. He has so many large app already.


I can help get partnership with ETN in Nigeria here.