Etn and Africa mobile operators

From the man himself

@ETNCEO Any plans for Asia? :grin:
Airtel is a big one in Asia.

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Yeah Richard made those comments in a recent video so very exciting!!!

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As a South African I can’t wait to see Electroneum spread through the country and continent! Those few ETN every month would make a huge difference for those stuck under the poverty line. I once tried living off that amount of money for one week. I tried but honestly didn’t know how to. Poor nutrition lead to not thinking straight which actually lead to a parking accident! Things are just too expensive for spreading that little amount of money through the month. You can barely cover cheap food and transport, never mind medicine, education and shelter. Here’s a list to to some stats:

Electroneum will make a huge difference for many people in South Africa, we just have to reach them.


people are hungry for etn in Africa…