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Marketing In 2019 An Beyond Will Continue To Change.

One thing that everyone always needs to take into consideration is how expensive marketing can be. Due to crypto being so new, its very easy to spend large amounts of finance and receive no return. AIRCOINS is very captivating to blockchain technology because they are using POE Proof Of Effort. Believe it or not this changes the game with interaction with blockchain and the general public.
The majority of the people downloading the app never heard of cryptocurrency they just like games.

As a community with the teams help along with aircoins team, we can all come up with a strategy to collectively put Electroneum into augmented reality with over 30 other reputable Cryptocurrencies.

As a mobile miner i defiantly have several etn i can spair towards bringing in one or two people to the Electroneum blockchain, and collectively as a community to create a positive effect for Electroneums future value im sure the community would participate if this was made safe through the teams and community.

Last year in 2018 etn had a chance to get etn in aircoins ar without the 1 bitcoin fee, now since aircoins has made such monumental moves, at the present moment, they have a small fee of 1 bitcoin from any blockchain tech company who decides to use their powerful tool being the #1 augmented reality crypto app in the world, a first of its kind.

Not sure if this would be a good fit for electroneum. It seems too much of a gimmick, not the appropriate partner. imo

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Thanks for this suggestion. I like the idea as the the Pokemon craze was phenomenal but I remember it didn’t last very long and the distribution of the coins would need to be strategic and sustained for any impact or benefit, unless it’s simply seen as an opportunity to increase awareness of the ETN brand.
With that being said, It might be worth a punt as a learning experience which could be used to better develop their own product, but it depends on where this is being targeted.

I’d be interested to know how Airx would ensure users were fully immersed and engaged in their app for extended periods, especially while the price is so low? What aspect of gamification is involved? How widely is the app distributed and how many users do they have?
What is their plan to scale up and acquire more users and what is the long term potential?

Is there any reason why Electroneum couldn’t integrate a similar feature into their app as part of the vendor directory? Seeing ETN coins floating around within proximity to places where it can be spent might be a better use of the technology. Maybe even floating coupons/discounts/deals/offers in proximity to vendors that accept ETN could be just as useful.


Precisely, If Electroneum were to use augmented reality, in all society’s any other augmented reality blockchain could be a easy pair for exchange of Electroneum in augmented reality improving the incentives for vendors to accept more different types of crypto that pair with Electroneum.

AR is like a wild fire when you include cryptocurrency. Instead of solely creating an inapp augmented feature for the mobile miner etn can use the momentum of individuals who have a broad mindset of collecting coins and potentially spending them with a host of vendors that etn has to offer all of the cryptocurrencies in AR on the aircoins app, also dont forget Electroneum during there ico presented a great game to include with the mobile miner to mine etn other ways as a game aswell, it looked pretty good in 2017 :+1:.

AIRCOINS has over 30k active users daily and is growing daily. Using the aircoins ar tool :wrench: :cloud: cloud is another way to open new etn wallets, addresses, and potential mobile miners towards Electroneums mass adoption, an incriminate of Electroneum gives a person a great option, either hold buy or sell which will also bring value to etn in the long run. Also when you find these coins in ar they become very personable to you because you found a reputable digital asset that you put personal time an effort in for, so if its 0.1 Electroneum its exciting.

Aircoins Augmented reality is like a mind of its own, come one come all of cryptocurrency towards mass adoption, their marketing is very transparent, this app is very much self explanatory and makes it effort less to understand, the good thing about aircoins from Pokemon go is that as long as cryptocurrency is around these coins will have value, their might be some value found in the future of Pokemon go, but these are pure blockchain digital assets from the start and are very much a perfect concept for decentralization and satoshi vision.

Sustainable for a coin in aircoins ar is pretty simple, the amount to drop in ar each time someone finds etn can be multiple different values from the lowest of the lowest value of etn, for crypto ar hunters everything adds up and is appreciated for their effort.

The Oracle Eye Of Crypto Is Opening Up, One Great Tool That We All Are Apart Of Is Aircoins, we have to be open to reputable innovation and not get left behind at precious times in this space to integrate with one another if the intentions are good.


I like your enthusiasm and have downloaded the app to check it out.

I’m interested by the idea that a user could potentially set up an ETN wallet via the Aircoins app, however, would this qualify as a new user for Electroneum or would Aircoins hold the private keys to the wallet? My concern would be that for a 1BTC investment, would there be guaranteed returns? Would Electroneum be effectively paying for exposure/brand awareness rather than actually on-boarding users? If that’s the case, it’s likely Aircoins would benefit more from Electroneum’s reputation and their 3 million users, than the other way around.

In a very early interview with Richard, he mentioned that the cost of acquisition per user is around 14 cents or less, so at the current price of bitcoin, Aircoins would have to generate around 44K new users for it to be a worth while proposition. It might be easier for them to use the same budget to market their own app via facebook.

I’m sure Aircoins has a lot of potential for growth, especially during the next bull market so I look forward to seeing their development.

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Just to let you guys know I was talking to Brian the marketing director for aircoins about partnering with Electroneum back in January. I gave him Gorman’s contact info because he asked for it.


I guess if it hasn’t happened by now, then maybe they decided not to pursue it. What notable projects are working with aircons?

Very good point. Plus it’s kinda naff. :slight_smile:

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